Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Got Myself a Lil' Camera + Photos of Day With Ian

I went out to Kenmore Camera and, on a bit of a whim-and-a-lim, bought tihs new lil' Powershot.

I admit, I refer to it as my crappy camera.

Generally, I shoot with my Canon EOS T2i.

I got it around April and it has been suiting me so well. But, I realized that what I put it through can't be good for it.

I lug that thing up mountains, in my backpack in the pouring rain, around on the job - it goes everywhere with me. That can't be good for it. I only store it in a ziplock bag. It starts to be limiting when I want to pack small but I need a bag big enough for it.

So, I've got this new camera that I can fit in my pocket. At only $99, I didn't have to think too hard about it.

My first camera I ever owned was a Canon Powershot A510 (this new one is a 810) and it has yet to let me down. As in, I can, and do, still use it. I got it back in 2005. This camera was dropped down the Internationale Fountain (it bounced the entire way down) and was carried around with me everywhere for over three years. Every day in my backpack to school, to gatherings, to church. I couldn't leave without it.

And, SLRs just aren't as portable as little Powershots.

Yes, it's a point-n-shoot - but don't shoot those lil' guys down. Are they incredible? No. But I can still document life on them, which is all I really want to do.

My brother and I went out yesterday and gave it a "shot" (oooooh... horrible pun, my apologies).

No edits. Just straight off the camera. For $99, not bad, eh?

Checking out the store for anniversary present ideas for the parentals.
On the Burke-Gilman, looking for four-leaf clovers.
First day of school photographs!
Ian's forcing a grin as he's not really looking forward to flying for 12 hour, all the way back to Amsterdam, just to attend a four day conference. Not worth the jetlag and bother it takes to get there. Oh man - can you imagine living a life where yo're not looking forward to flying to Amsterdam? I think Dad was kinda wishing he could go, though. I love them both!
First pictures taken on this camera... ever. Love it when the shirt hikes up your back.

Got a short yerba-mate. I like the shorts - which they never even really list as an option on the menu. You just have to ask for it. What most folks consider "small" is much too much for me.
Ian and I both abhor going to the mall so we like to get it done together once a year. The main goal is normally to get him some pants. See, if you get a good fitting pair of pants, I like to think you can get away with anything. Me? I mainly just wear skirts + my orange pants. We got fish 'n' chips at Anthony's for lunch.

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