Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kürbis und Schneeflöckli

My post yesterday ended with, " I can hear kids below commenting on snow but I don't see any yet"

Well, about twenty minutes after I said that, large flakes started flying from the sky.

Wrrhhhhhrrrrrzumph! They went.
Time to bike in the snow.

As I was heading out, Felicia graciously handed me her chemistry goggles.

Biking the highway to work. Not too much snow, yet.
Looking out of the KHNS studios at the Chilkat Arts Center.

Biking into town wasn't bad at all. The goggles did fog up a bit so I could barely see but it was better than not having them on because then it's like ice keeps getting pelted into your eyes.

Plowing through a few inches of snow does slow me down a bit and I take my time on corners.

It was a short day at work - they canceled a meeting because of snow. I have a feeling this snow isn't really going anywhere. Haines is solid white.

Janine told me of a housesitting gig sort of in town, really close to where me and Andrew lived, so I went to check that out.

Four dogs. Two cats. Six birds. Fish.
And a snake.

That'll be my company for around 10 days.

After that I walked to the school to pick up Bike and then we headed over to Dani & Daniel's. Dani and Ryan were there - fine company, I'd say. I made rice. Lots of rice. I make rice there just about every single day I'm there.

Three brothers (Luke, Daniel, Nik), a Ryan, and a Dani.

I think the highlight, for me, was that they now have an open sleeping bag on the ground. Big open sleeping to be a starfish upon and roll around on.

Luke went outside and came back with yet another sleeping bag full of large lumpy objects -- pumpkins! Now, this October season was complete! He had a carving kit and some knives. With cardboard laid on the floor, we got to work with the Princess Bride playing in the background.

I carved a camel.

I like these people. A lot.

In the past couple months, I've encountered two circles of friends that have been incredible to me. I'm really grateful for them. It feels like the latest group sort of just adopted me in off the street - goodness, they even had a discussion to decide if they accepted me. A dysfunctionally-functional collective of misfits can be a beautiful thing. I can, and do, drop by there at any time. I show up in the morning before work. After work. Between shifts. I'm allowed to just go there, drink water, and write letters. I love my home, but it's a bit out of town so it's nice to have a resting point between work and home to catch my breath (not literally).

I like to be home by 10:30 PM each night so, the trek started home around 10:14 PM. Hooray for more biking in the snow.

I listened to Norwegian Reycling (mash-ups) on the way home.

When I got to the hill I live on, I tried to bike up it but the tires kept on slipping so I had to walk it. At the final stretch, even my feet kept slipping and I would slide down. I eventually ended up hugging the side of the road and slowly shuffling.

All night it continued to snow and storm.

According to the National Weather Service's Alaska Region Headquarters:
 Which I know doesn't sound all too intimidating but the winds were so loud that they kept me awake all night (and I've experienced some pretty windy days and nights in Haines).

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