Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Macklemore's Armpit

I'm kinda [read: extensively] proud of these guys right now.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
Of Seattle.

Their fans have been waiting for years for "The Heist" to come out. Finally, on October 9, it was realized after three years of extensive work.

They don't have a publishing or record deal. Not that they couldn't have one.
Independent. Local.

And they sell out their shows. Oh how they sell them.... out.

For two days now, "The Heist" has been the #1 album on iTunes. Still is.

So, what was my introduction to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis?
Internet, meet Macklemore's armpit. Macklemore's armpit, internet.

Hip-Hop & Rap.
And not just any hip-hop & rap --- it's the kind that I like listening to.

I've given the words a listen through.
He discusses white privilege, consumerism, and thrift-shopping.

So, how'd I first hear of this guy?
Through friends.
I'd consider him something of a staple in the Northwest (although, I could be biased).

But I first heard him not on the radio or on a recording - I first heard him life in Austin, Texas on the back patio of a restaurant. Warm breezes. In the shade of a giant tree. It was a show called SXSeattle at SXSW 2011.

And I remember how his armpit kept getting in my face...

No. These photographs did not use zoom. In fact, I was zoomed out as much as possible.

I remember when something wet fell into my eyeball --- his sweat.
It was [kinda] gross.

And he wore this cape and at some point I was surrounded by it... and it smelled funky.

Sounds like I'm complaining, but I don't mean to. It was a fantastic, free concert with fantastic music. After that concert, I found out he went back to Seattle to perform three sold-out shows in a row at the Showbox.

Anyways - that's my Macklemore story.


Hey -- watayaknow - a bunch of Seattle folks all in one photograph together in Austin.

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