Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[oenopoetic october] :: Stories and Snapshots From This Month

Welcome to October in Haines. Well, sort of. We've got two days till we get to brace for November's collisional embrace. Ready? Ahh, not yeah. October would had left me reminiscent had it not whizzed by without me even noticing.

One of my favourite people to connect with in Haines in Lori. She had me and some other folks over, the other evening. I talked about it already so this is about all I'll say. I'm grateful for her presence in my life, though. She's a good influence on me and a wise woman to process through things with.

I got myself a new backpack.

As in.. a new backpack. Brand spanking new. No one has used it before.

This is CRAZY!

This is my first totally-new backpack I think I've had since 8th grade (about 2004) and the first totally-new backpack I've ever had.

Stating senior year I used this old REI co-op backpack. Old. Really old thing. Maybe from the 70s. It was great but, being 30+ years old and being dragged around everywhere with me for four years meant it started to get some holes. It was tragic. Then I got the red corduroy backpack second hand. It worked great, but it just doesn't keep my stuff dry.

That's the thing about biking everywhere, your backpack/pannier is your trunk - that's how I get everything from Point A to Point B.

So I started doing research on waterproof backpacks and found this gem.

It's a Chrome Orlov rolltop pack and it is waterproof. The entire thing is lined with truck tarpuline liner with bar wielded seems so, I can dunk it in a bathtub and my Edison'll stay dry. I can pour water inside the pack and it'll never leak out.

I chose this pack over others because it can actually fit my 5' 2.5" frame. There's a lot of these packs that are meant for men, but that doesn't work for me. I need it to fit my shoulders and, most of all, not create a blindspot when it rises over the shoulder.

I've been pleased with it, so far. I can bike around with 30 lbs of crap on my back and it still feels fine.

My client has the coolest bike in town.

Went to a talk on Tlingit law at the library the other night. Pretty interesting. That's Joe, he's the one educating us... until the Juneau people jump in and rant on for 30 minutes and take over. Not cool, Juneau people. Let Joe talk!

I got to help volunteer with a client at the school library. We set up the Scholastic Book Fair! Goodness, I loved the book fair growing up - it was quite the big deal. I would spend my recesses looking at all the books and hoping to get one or two.

In setting up the books, I was given full creative license to organize them as I saw fit. I started to see a trend and brought all of the related books together and was left with...

Dork Diaries.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
The Looser List.

It seems as though the publishing world and writing world have caught on to the "dweeb formula" and are milking it for all it's worth.

This is why this isn't a food blog. That one picture, right there -- doesn't that make you hungry?

I don't know how it got started but the other night I found myself gimping down the highway with Luke with a crazy-pie mission. We wanted to make a horribly wonderful pudding pie. It felt really, really good to galumph down the highway with another human being and laugh abundantly.

First stop was the Mountain Market where we picked up coconut and hemp milk.

Then to IGA where we scoured the pudding section, settling on three choices. Pumpkin spice, chocolate, and banana cream. Three graham cracker crusts were selected with care - legit care. We were not up for a pre-cracked crust.

We got some random toppings and mix-ins and Luke insisted on cream cheese to go with the pudding..

Back home... PIE!

Umm, yeah. We made pie. It was totally opposite of what I'm used to making and of what I normally buy but it was ever-so-beyond satisfying. Just five minutes and you've got this pie-thing. Luke designed the top of the banana cream. I approved.

Took a client to the doll-party and parade at the Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center. Lots of little girls and lots of dolls. We had a good time. Puppet shows. Live music. Paper dolls. Dress-up. A tea party.

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