Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Overalls & Married for 30 Years

Today was my dear parents 30th wedding anniversary.

In case you were wondering or not aware - that's a pretty huge deal. A GIANT deal!

Dude. My parents are still [freakin'] married and that's awesome!

I don't know if you wandered the States lately, but marriages lasting isn't exactly trending, these days. A lot of my friends come from families whose parents have separated. I'm finding my parents to be the exception.

I'll never take their marriage for granted.

Growing up, I was a messed up kid. I was unstable and my chemistry to this date is a bit wonky (but I managed it pretty well, I like to think) - I can't imagine how I would've turned out had I not had stability in my parents. They truly laid down a beautiful foundation of love for our family to grow in.

They got married in '82.
Then they had Ian in '87.
I came along in '90.

Voila. Four family members.

They raised me and my brother as living examples of Christ's love for us.... and music. We all like to make music. Anyways, but we have been instructed to love and love abundantly. How's that for life lessons?

They crack me up.
They blow me away with their kindness when I know I really, really, really don't deserve it. Super don't deserve it.

I never witnessed them fight.I can remember witnessing two quarrels which freaked me out, but I now realize that those hardly even qualified as arguments.

And, goodness, they still love each other. Probably even more than they did when they start.

That got me thinking... maybe the key to a good, long lasting marriage is to wear overalls with your spouse. After seeing all of those pictures I think that really must be it.

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  1. Hello Maggie,

    Ian has been raving about your blog long enough that I finally forced him to send me the link. This is such a heartwarming post. I have always been blown away by your parents - in particular, because of how you and Ian turned out. I look at these two incredible, open, outstanding individuals who are so full of love and passion and think, "Man, they're parents really did something right."

    I am proud to say your brother is one of my oldest and best friends. I am proud to know you and excited to start following your adventures on your blog. I feel blessed just to know your parents. They truly are amazing. :)


Your words make me grin.

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