Friday, October 12, 2012

Tattoo #1 :: Bear

"Hey I just met you, and this is crazy
But I'm going to tattoo your foot."
-Garrett Beck-

It all started and ended with a whim. Dustin messaged me that he was interesting in picking up Callie from college and heading over for a quick, "Hi." Well, that, "Hi," turned into going to Westport (Pacific Ocean!) which is a good 2.5 hour drive from Seattle.

So we did.

I know Dustin and Callie from my early dancing years in the first years of the 2000s.

After just five minutes into the trip, I realized I wasn't sure I'd make it all the way. I wasn't sure I wanted to be in a car all the way to Westport. I remembered the route and realized we'd be going through Olympia.


Hmmmm. I'd been wanting to get there, somehow, today or tomorrow before I left (I leave tomorrow at 6 PM from Bellingham). I wanted to greet Patrick.

So, I asked Callie and Dustin if it'd be a'ight if they dropped me off in Oly and then picked me back up on their way home. They graciously said, "yes," and dropped me off at the Albertson's at Exit 107 off Interstate 5.

Ohhhh -- but first we stopped by the Emerald Queen Casino. It was my first (and very likely last) casino experience. We went just because we all had to pee and they have bathrooms. It was people looking like lifelessly-lame zombies at machines that were all the same. It was brinking on revolting.

Jesse's car was full of pretty plants.
Anyways, Patrick and Jesse picked me up in the Moonbus (Prius, yo!) and headed to the Co-Op (how I missed thee extensively) and then to Patrick's new home.

There, dinner was made... by Patrick. And I'm grateful to him because it was a lovely, lovely delicious meal.

Meeting his housemates was not only inevitable but wonderful.

One, Garrett, was busy drawing the lion symbol that Rafiki draws from the Lion King on his rib. He was thinking of doing a tattoo of it but couldn't get it right. To be honest, it looked more like a gingerbread version of the lion.

I mentioned that I was thinking of maybe, maybe sort of kinda of getting a tattoo in the future.

I wanted the word, "b e a r," tattooed on my foot.


"Yeah. Bear as in 'barefoot.' Just like I want athlete on my foot someday. 'Athelete's foot.'"

"Well, we could do it now."

And then, the ball was in my court.

He got out a sharpie just to show me what it could look like on my foot.

Seemed like a trust-worthy guy. He wanted a Lion King tattoo. He was playing Phil Collins songs on the piano. Had spaghetti for dinner. Birthday in October. Ummm..... yeah, that's enough to trust someone, in my book.

It took a few tries before it looked how I wanted it to.
A bit higher up.
Less shading.
More spacing between the letters.

And then I had to decide.

On the foot is supposed to be one of the most painful places to get a tattoo.

And, here was the biggest catch - I REALLY REALLY HATE NEEDLES A LOT OK!

But, here was an offer for a free tattoo. I could get it now in this safe place.

Garrett put the Beatles on as the soundtrack and got started.

We did a few test pokes, first, without ink, so I could see if I thought I could actually go through with it. Once again, I hate needles - but I wasn't feeling as jittery about them today. With Patrick by my side, I was set to go. He let me squeeze the guts out of his hands!

Brown ink.


It was a great experience.

I "ARGHED" like a pirate and sing about "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" and rocked out to "Eleanor Rigby." I shook my face. I laughed. I tried to learn to love the pain. I breathed. I massaged Patrick's hand. I relied on Patrick a lot. As long as he was next to me, it was bear-able. Ha. Ha ha.... Oh dear.

And then, 30 minutes later, it was over.

We started at 9:02 PM and were done by 9:26 PM.

I was blissed out by the end. Looking at my foot. Yeah, I like this. A lot. I was really grateful to Garrett and reciprocated the appreciation - I was the first person, besides himself, he'd ever given a tattoo to. I was pleased as punch with his work.

The night was wrapped up with the smelling of dried herbs and plants in Patrick's room and the shortest of mini-jams.


  1. "It was people looking like lifelessly-lame zombies at machines that were all the same. It was brinking on revolting." Right on the dot there.
    My husband & I dropped by a casino on our honeymoon road trip, out of curiosity. It was a bit of a downer. But we explored the complex, they had a good buffet, and there was a big meeting of adorable octogenarians having a really old antique dress fashion show.

    1. A good buffet can turn anything funky into brilliancy, I suspect...

  2. Your foot is adorable. Rather like the rest of you.
    So THIS is what you were talking about on the phone.

    May it protect you from bears!


Your words make me grin.

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