Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"You're Still Here?"

"Hey! You're still here?"
"You're still around?"
"I heard you had left."
"How long will you be sticking around?"

That's a phrase I hear about 5 times a week, lately.

I live in a town where leaving is the norm. It's totally expected, especially when you're a young folk.

A large portion of the locals leave each winter for their summer homes in Texas and Oregon or to travel to Hawaii. They just bail on our sweet town when the cold takes over.

Then there are the summer workers who never stay past early October.

I was a young gal who showed up in April so it seemed to only make sense that I would leave in the company of the lads I showed up with. It especially didn't help that I left for Seattle for 3 weeks. Without seeing me around for that much time, they figured I had left until BANG there I am in the library or strolling around town.

"Are you staying for the winter?"

They ask.

"I'm staying until I get too restless. I plan to stay till the last week in January, though."

I need to be back in Seattle by February 1 for "Dancing Fool," a contra dance weekend in Seattle. That's the first date I have down in my calendar for 2013. But, first I need to get in my all four seasons in Haines. I've lived through spring, summer, fall and now onto winter!

I am writing from my bedroom on the third floor of the beautiful family I live with. My window is wide open and I'm cozy in my footie-pyjamas in my large bed, covered up with a sleeping bag, bed spread, blanket, and sheet. I can hear kids below commenting on snow but I don't see any yet.

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