Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Time I Ran Away


One of my earliest memories in life was my first of many attempts to run away from home.

I remember frantically gathering my belongings in my bedroom. Slowly, the pile of luggage grew.

A paper party hat caught my eye and I nabbed it. "Just in case I end up at a birthday party and they don't have party hats," I thought.

I had decided to run away to my friend, Christina Hasting's house. She was my best friend and lived only seven miles away. My parents had been unusually cruel to me (eh, not really - they were always swell, I just had some serious issues) and I knew I needed to find a place where I would be loved.

My brother helped me carry my belongings.

And eventually, I think he had most of my crap.

It was this event that "inspired" the name for this blog. Running away is just something I do.

After that, I did a pretty good job at staying in Seattle until 2006 when I get the itch to get away.

During parts of these years, I either traveled (from super short-term to three weeks) or lived here:

2003 - Victoria, British Columbia
2004 - Dominican Republic
2005 - Dominican Republic
2006 - Mississippi, Louisiana
2007 - Switzerland
2008 - Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria
2009 - Switzerland, France, Wisconsin
2010 - Oregon, Idaho, Utah (the year of education acquisition via books)
2011 - Texas, Oregon, Bowen Island, British Columbia, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, California
2012 - Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon
2013 - Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Scotland, England, Netherlands, Hungary and everywhere between Washington and New York

Bold - indicates a stay of more than three months which is more than enough time to settle into a routine and become a part of a community.

Not too grand of a list. Nothing outrageous. But, I'm pleased. Although, I am 22 and time is ticking and I've gotta get running soon.
So, what happened in the end back in the early 90s? Well, my parents just stood there with a video camera and watched me struggle down the street. They new I'd come home. Sure enough, after a while, I started to get tired and fed up with the journey. My belongings were heavy.

Dad came to the rescue with a wheelbarrow and wheeled everything home.



  1. You certainly do have the travel bug. I think that's a wonderful thing. I learn more traveling, seeing places, and meeting new people than I ever do from a textbook. Also.. love that your parents got your run-away attempt on film. :)

  2. Oh, Magi! You made it farther than I did when I tried to run away at age 4 or so. I was going to India, where my mom had sponsored a boy named Jayah through Save the Children or something similar.

  3. Your life experiences (and the extraordinary artistic streak that runs through your family) have made you quite the wordsmith. You are eloquent and well-traveled, which I seriously envy; I haven't left the continent since summer of 2007, and although I never go for more than a couple of weeks, I too experience the itch to just go. So, keep going girl! And love it! :)

  4. Oh, and also, this is Leah Glover, just so's ya knows.


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