Monday, November 5, 2012

Going to Moscow

164 days from now, I will board an aeroplane for Moscow, Russia.
I will get off that aeroplane and then...

not sure yet.

I woke up the other morning with no intentions, at all, of even visiting Russia. For some reason, that massive country (largest in the WORLD!) just hadn't crossed my radar yet. One eight of the world's inhabited land is Russian. And, holy cow, they speak Russian.

I woke up, though, and felt like it was time to finally buy a plane ticket. The only known event in my future life was this: I wanted to get to the Ukraine sometime in April.

Expedia and Kayak became my best friends as I searched for the right flight. I had been planning on flying to Budapest and take the train, from there, to the Ukraine. But, it seemed like flights were all stopping in Moscow, first, anyways.

Without much thought, I went ahead and purchased my ticket.

I will be departing from New York on the 17th of April and arriving on the 18th in Moscow.

The biggest headache of this trip could be getting the visa. Russia certainly doesn't make it easy for folks to stop by for a quick, "Hello." First I need to get a formal written invitation (getting that now) for about $30 and with that I can apply for the visa which could cost me a good $100.

I've been doing hours and hours of research on Moscow and how to get from Moscow to Uzhgorod. I currently had it schemed to go from Moscow to Riga, Latvia, to Warsaw, Poland, to Krakow, Poland, to Liviv, Ukraine to Uzhgorod, Ukraine.

Wait! Did I even tell you why I'm going to Uzhgorod? More on that later, I guess.

I wrote to the folks that I'll be living with in the Ukraine and said, "Hey, I bought my ticket!" Pretty much, that was me letting them no that I'm committed and coming after just 2-3 brief emails exchanged.

Anyways, last night I was doing all of my research. Trains. Busses. Hitchhiking.
I was trying to figure out the public transportation system in Moscow in order to get from the aeroport to where I would be staying, with Couch Surfing. It was going to be lots of connections to make and ticket booths to conquer.

This morning I checked my email and got this:
"I will ask our friends to help you in Moscow. I just need your flight information that they would meet you there."

I also learned there is a direct train to Uzhgorod from Moscow.

This is where God re-entered the picture.

"Shouldn't he always be there?" you can say.

Yep. And I'm still learning. I am so blind, at times. I'm used to making my own path (which isn't a good idea). He's incredible!

This was God jumping in and saying, "Hey, I'll make things happen. I told you to go to the Ukraine and I'll get you there." I was taking this and turning it into my own adventure. He said, "Nope. Let me do the leading. Let me take care of you. Let me provide. You just have to follow where I lead and listen."

As in, whoa!

God provides and conquers battles and opens doors even without me asking.

Do I still want to go to Poland and Latvia? Sure. But, all in time. If that's where I'm meant to go, I'll end up there.

Stoked for the Ukraine.
Stoked for Moscow.


  1. I feel stoked for you too ^0^ so many adventures ahead!! And I'm happy that somebody will pick you up! It's always a good thing when somebody is waiting for you in a strange place... I've got your card last week ~ it took 8 days to arrive ^.^ love, tapir momma ^.^

  2. Wow sounds like quite the adventure!


Your words make me grin.

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