Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ka-Chunk :: Ka-Chunk

Ever got around with a pack on your back, pack on your front, and studded tires around your neck on crutches on ice?

Ah! Life is beautiful, ain't it? Sweet?

Yeah. Remember that right foot of mine? The one that got a tattoo one day, a cut that got infected the next, and then blistered the day after when I was dancing on the ferry bearfoot during open sea crossings.

It has this tendency to do something called "doing the twist."

I think I started wreaking havoc on my foot back in 2007. That's when I can find my first records of the right one twisting.

"Many of you might know already, well, maybe not, but anyways, I have a weak ankle . my right one."

- Margaret Hubert on Ich Bin Zahnpaste on August 31, 2007.

Three weeks before August 31, 2007, I had twisted it but the major snap came on August 26, 2007.

That day I was introduced to the world of crutches.

I was walking around town and, for some reason, decided to carry Sergio on my back.

Here. Meet Sergio:

Sergio is a bit larger than me.

So, with him on my back, I stepped in a gutter and with the extra 150 pounds or so (no idea how much he weighs, actually), my ankle, which was already twisting, really twisted and snapped a bit (without breaking) and...

August 2007

Voila! I was on crutches for the first time.
Annnnd my crutches were signed by the Swiss national goalie.

Within the first month of living in Switzerland, crutches.

In time, it healed, and I was pretty much good to go. Good-bye crutches!

Awwwe, you liked them? Don't worry - I went back to Switzerland in 2009 and, within a month:

September 2009

They look pretty good on me, don't they? Love the reflectors on the ends - they really bring out the blue in my eyes.

And over time, it's twisted time and time again but I never needed crutches.
Frustration and aches and braces, but never crutches.

Upon coming to Alaska, I've been trying to take good care of it. Ask the kids I live with! I avoid frolicking in fields and unsteady surfaces because I know that's a death sentence to that unreliable ol' ankle of mine, unworthy of even a name.

The snow fell and so did nearly I.

I was out with a client and the snow covered uneven icy ground. My Xtratufs are Xtralarge and, splat went the ankle.

Now, my ankle does twist frequently, but normally I can get sort of hobble to where I need to go after it twists or it heals within seven minutes.

This one didn't feel better.

The walk to the QuikShop was a pain I hadn't experienced in a while... hadn't felt since around 2009. Luckily, no crazy swelling occurred. But, simple moving of it hurt. That evening, still in pain.

But, the day after, felt like it was a bit better and was using it.
A day after I felt like it was almost tip-top. A wee bit sore, but it worked.

Oh. Peculiar.
It didn't actually heal.

It kept tweaking out. Tightening and getting so sore it would barely take weight.

Four days later, I was just standing and all of a sudden it gave out from underneath me.

I felt awful because, for my job, I have to get my clients outside and walking. I felt useless when my boss had to shuttle us around or a client stayed inside too much.

Upon getting to Juneau, I realized I would be walking a lot and I knew what I had to do.

I've gone to the doctor a bounty of times for my ankle and they have all generally given me the same advice. If it's not healing, walking on it is not a good plan. Walking it off won't help. Resting it helps. Staying off it it (read: crutches) helps.

So, crutches it was.
It had been 1-2 weeks without really any improvements and I knew what I had to do.

$5 for crutches.
Time to stay off it.

And, I pretty much did my almost-best to stay off it for the week. Folks treat you differently when you're on crutches.

My ankle still seized up today about an hour ago so it's not quite healed, yet. Boss told me to take two days off to stay off of it.

And ka-chunk all around... with double back-backs, tires, and crutches to boot.


  1. Magi may! Be careful! Ankles are no joke. You know that!


  2. Thank goodness, I have never had those! Take care of yourself up there Magi!!!

    - Richard (From workplace)

  3. Dearest Magi, your dear nurse friend Colleen is worried about your ankle. Do you wear a brace in the interim since you have a tendency towards twists. It sounds like when you decide to come home for a bit you need to go and see a good orthopod who specializes in ankles. It also sounds like you might need some tightening up of the ligaments around your ankle, yes, that would mean surgery... and some really good PT to recondition the ankle... just my personal nurse advice. Be careful... ankles are quite tricky and you may just need the expertise of "Puget Sound" Dr.s and radiologists/MRI, to really get a clear picture of what is happening to your ankle.. in the meantime stay safe my friend.... Colleen


Your words make me grin.

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