Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Second - Другого листопада

First, I need to start working on my Ukrainian.

November second in Ukrainian is Другого листопада but phonetically, it's Druhoho lystopada.
In Russian ,it's Второго ноября or Vtorogo noyabrya.

Yesterday I didn't do much.

11 hours of working with three clients.

Went to the home above the Quik Shop where I got to practice being unproductive with full deliberation.

Charming, right?

I wrote up a Craigslist ad for Dani. Sat backwards. Sat forwards. Andwas further educated about the sides of Haines I had not yet experienced and probably never will.

One topic of interest was how exhausting it is to witness, specifically, females attempting to get the attention of males at the bar. Females who ignore the rest of the female race and keep at it constantly, even when the males are uninteresting.

I twisted  my ankle on the first of November and wasn't sure, yet, how to get home. I'm still resting it as much as possible. I could probably find a way back home but I'd have to be in town, again, in the morning by 8 AM. It just didn't seem worth it.

Zum gluck, Dani has a closet. Looks like this:

I slept in there.

In bed by 9:24.

I read a bit about a man's Ukrainian upbringing in America and then his travels back to the Ukraine and Russia. I should have brought ear plugs because I am a super light sleeper.

I found out that my glow in the dark dragon stickers will glow from at least 9 PM to 4:30 AM!

In the morning, everyone was asleep.
I was awake.
Have to be at work by 8 AM.

Grabbed some brown rice and a can of beans to fuel the day.

My view, as I left the front door, was this:

Good morning, Haines. You're good to me.

And today's 11 hour shift turned into a 24 hour affair.

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