Saturday, November 17, 2012

Strange[r] Men Care For Me

You know what I'm grateful for? Those random men I meet who take care of me. Now, there is a bounty of ladies who take care of me, but this post is on the men because there seems to be more of them.

Upon coming to Juneau, I wasn't quite sure what my plans were, but I figured life would unfold itself neatly out for me upon getting off the ferry. Not quite, I got off the ferry feeling ill. I was going to stay with dear Amy but with a stomach ache, I thought it would be better to leave her in peace and rock the Juneau International Youth Hostel at $12 a night - awkward tummy and all.

View from my window.
The great thing about hostels is, in staying at one, you're almost always guaranteed a swell travel mate by staying at one.

The next morning, as I was cooking my brown rice for the day, I met Eddie.

Eddie was going out for waffles at the Southeast Waffle Company. I joined him. And that's how our day began.

I'm not going to say too much about Eddie hear 'cept that he was wonderful, made for great company, and he had just gotten back from 6 months in Antarctica.

Oh man! Those waffles were legendary. I got a blueberry waffle and was thoroughly satisfied. Thanks, Eddie-lad!

Our day went from waffles to the Shrine of St. Therese. There was a beautiful chapel on an island built back in the 1930s. You could only get there by a small man-made causeway. I was careful not to slip in the slush on my crutches. Eddie, despite having been there many times, gave me time to appreciate the place and take it all in.

After that we traversed to town to Cycle Alaska to try and pick up some studded bicycle tires. They were closed.

Then, off to Nugget Mall to get ice cleats.

We stopped by his storage unit where he gave me a near-brand new dry-bag backpack! DUDE!!!! Those things are like, oi, $150. This dude gave it to me. I was really, really grateful and am already using it.

As Eddie told me, he didn't have anything to do that day. He said that, were I not there experiencing Juneau with him, he'd probably just be at the gun shop all day. That's where we went next, to the gun shop. He bought three pistols/guns on the spot and then we went to the range where I got to shoot 'em. Well, I shot the 45 only twice and the 22 a lot. One was a... Glock. He was really big on gun safety and I liked that.

He then took me out for Mexican food.

And dropped me off at my hotel.

This day was wonderful and I was grateful for it.
But this wasn't the first time that a random man had decided to take care of me for a day. It's happened in other towns before. Each time, we give each other fine company and part without any connection to keep. It's nice to have a companion for a day.

Today I was at Rainbow Foods and a [rather attractive] man [who had been cycling] came in.

I had my pockets and hands stuffed as I stood behind him, leaning on my crutches.

"You manage that well," said he. I like it when strangers initiate conversation when standing in line.

In the end, he gave me a pack of organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups! My favourite, yo! Gah, I was blissed out. I gave him my nearly-full punch card for lunch.

I love me some gals, I think they're great, but it frequently seems to be the stranger men that go out of their way to surprise me.

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