Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Switch Is On the Ceiling

Today feels like a Friday evening, despite the fact that it's an early Wednesday afternoon.

This is an update on that living thing I've been doing lately.

Currently I'm housesitting for a home of tall people.
Very tall people.
Tall Australians, in fact.

So tall that they put a bunch of their light switches on the ceiling where I can reach them only if I leap, climb a ladder, or use my crutches.

So tall that the bowls are kept so high that I can't reach them without grabbing a chair.

One of the swell things about housesitting in Alaska is that, sometimes, the families give you wild Alaskan salmon. That's delicious.

This is my food stash for the next couple days. Spaghetti squash, lil' orange things, a couple sacks of brown rice, beans, lentils, carrots, chia seeds, spelt spaghetti, and twig tea. Thank you Rainbow Foods of Juneau. Lelise gave me canned beets!

It's a bit funky being in this house by myself. When I house sat in Haines, before, I had Andrew with me the entire time and sometimes even an added Tyler or Ashley. But, I think we all know that was a bad idea. At least he frequently read to me from Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle doing all the voices.

"Hi. I'm Andrew. I read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and make her sound like Darth Vader."

But now it's just me in this house.
I can yodel all I like and play music louder than what is considered to be civilly acceptable.

Awwe, but, do I live alone?
No way.

See? I took a picture with my bird friends!

I am currently living with.... 6 birds, 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 giant fish tanks, and 1 tank.

Ok. But I still felt funky-lone. See, I've got this thing called a stupid-ankle and these things called crutches and am surrounded by stuff called ice and my boss did something called telling me not to work for a few days to rest it.


I was to chill in that house by myself all day -- I couldn't really get out.
And it's great being at home when you get to, but when you have to, then you start to get that whole grass-is-greener-outside-of-the-house-you're-stuck-in mode.

Luckily, I have beautiful, loving folks in my life who take care of me. The Clarks, Lori, and Luke have all been wonderful in picking me up and getting me places. The Clarks get me to the library for five hours. Lori got me to work today. And Luke picked me up for social purposes above the Quik Shop. And then... we got water with Dani.

Why get water out at the creek-thing? Because Haines-city water is super gross, yo! Don't drink it! You'll DIE! No, seriously. Word is, on the street, that the city water is cancer-causing and sludgy if you leave it out over night. I know it comes out brown when I first turn on a faucet. I prefer packing in creek water from home.

Felicia came over and visited the other day and then took me out to another family's house with the rest of the eight young folks I normally live with. I was beyond content squished on a couch with the nine of them. Ten on a couch? It works. Especially when you're watching Tin Tin! Goodness, I just wanted to stroke that guy's hair the entire time. The added, beautiful laughter of the children that I was surrounded by was contagious and certainly gleeful.

Dani and Luke also came over to watch a documentary on North Korea.
Friends are swell.
Dogs are loud.

And you know what's crazy? Google's dictionary knows "Vader," as in, "Darth Vader" (it doesn't know lowercase "vader"), but it doesn't know chia, as in, "chia seeds."

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