Tuesday, December 11, 2012


алфавит - alphabet

I'm at it again -- attempting to learn another language. This time, instead of in a classroom or in the country, I'm learning it in a closet.I got a couple of books and am starting to put bits and pieces together.

I studied my cases today, well, reviewed them.

I've been working on the alphabet.

Which language? Right now Russian - but I hope to pick up Ukrainian as well, just as I learned Swiss-German and High German together. Well, I learned a funky mix of the two.

I've also studied some French, Italian, Scot Gaelic, and Spanish.

I haven't learned anything like these languages before and I'm rawther excited...

g is v is r is p is yo is ye... is ch

I'm also learning my Russian history as best I can. I spent 4-5 hours the other day and continue to spend at least 2 hours a day on Russia or the Ukraine. I don't want to arrive ignorant and uninformed. I'll learn a lot there, but, some preparations, like research, I think are essential as  getting your shots.

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