Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dressing for -28 C Wind Chill :: Argyle & Hand-knit Socks

There's a reason why I don't run a fashion blog.

Hey. This is what I've been wearing this week.

The left two are what I wear around the house and then add on a jacket, hat, and scarf.

And then -- see my feet?

On the left two are my rad slippers I got for $0.50 at the Salvation Army. I bring them with me wherever I go and throw them on any chance I get.

To walk outside, I always wear my XtraTufs with ice cleats.

Then, on the right. Oh my goodness....

I checked my mail the other day and look what was in it:

Beautiful socks by Miss Joan! It was a total surprise.

I even did an experiment with them three days in a row. I wore my warmest socks on my right foot and Joan's beautiful hand-knit wool sock. Then I walk outside for about 20 minutes.

Then, I note which foot is warmer. Hands down (or feet down?), the hand-knit sock always wins. I'm really grateful to her for these socks. Thank you, Joan!

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