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Facebook Fads: “I Don’t Do New Years Resolutions”

New Years 2011
My personal New Year's Resolutions are at the bottom of this post.

One thing I abhor about Facebook is how similar a bounty of the posts are. Without being within a couple miles of Seattle, I will always know if there’s a Seahawks game or if it’s snowing. Everyone will be posting. "It's snowing!" Oh really?

Recently everyone voiced their opinions on gun laws (although barely anyone _did_ anything about it).
I saw six pictures of the Seattle sunrise this morning (although I did enjoy those).

And what comes with New Years? Resolutions.
‘cept 95% of the posts are about how people don’t do resolutions.
And they all think they’re the exception.

Usually the post goes something like this:
I’m not doing resolutions this year because why start a resolution just because it’s the New Year? We should do this throughout the year.

To that I want to ask, “Do you?”

During the year, do you take time to step back from your life, look at it, and say, “I don’t like this, this, and this and I am going to empower myself to change it by doing this.”

Now, if they were doing this, if they were making changes, I would salute them firmly - but I don’t think they are. And while they're minds are on changes, now, why not change? The bandwagon of self-improvement isn't one to neces

This is just another cop-out from trying to commit to something (whoa - that’s a harsh cognitive distortion, I know, but I’m keeping it here).

Some people say they don’t even bother writing them down or doing resolutions because they know they’ll never keep them. Well, folks, that’s your problem. “...because they know they’ll never keep them.” If you start out with that thought anywhere in your head, it’s bound to come true. Knowing, before you start, that you’ll fail guarantees failure.

One friend of mine wrote out her resolutions, that I’ve seen.
One friend.
Thank you Kaci.

And you know what? It inspired me! It made me think, “Golly! That’s a good idea. That is something I could and should change in my life.” It was encouraging for me to see what she had decided to change in 2013.

It told me more about her. It was revealing (not too revealing) and personal and refreshing.

Instead of brushing resolutions aside, wouldn’t it be more effective to spend a bit of extra time on your resolutions, thinking about ways to actually make them happen. Game plans. Accountability partners. A list of ideas to pursue.

For me and my resolutions, some will be taken care of early in the year. I have to think of resolutions that I can take with me on the go as I head to Europe. A few of these were inspired by Kaci. Oh! And I just saw Krist put hers up. Once again, inspiring and encouraging.

Here are my New Year's Resolutions & Goals 2013:

1) Cancel out processed crazy-sugars. I’ve done it before for months at a time and, oh how it made me feel better. I have a problem with addiction to sugar - as in, if I go a day without it, I get a headache. I need to deal with this, again, and take it out. No “moderation.” That doesn’t work. No sugar starting now (well, actually I started December 30). No white flour either, that’s just as bad. And cookie dough can no longer be the exception, regardless of how special the circumstances are. In cutting out sugar, I will feel better emotionally, mentally, and physically.

2) Get rid of crap. Donate it. Use it. Distribute it. Recycle it. Throw it out. Get rid of it. Next month, when I go home, I will get rid of at least 111 items.

3) Become semi-fluent in conversational Russian or Ukrainian(aspiring for equal fluency to what I can do in German/Swiss-German).

4) Visit/travel-durch 10 countries.

5) Travel from West Coast to East Coast of the United States (Alaska to New York) and from Eastern to Western Europe (Russia to Scotland) all via train or hitchhiking.

6) Read 12 classics - any 12 classics. Even if they’re all Francis Hodgeson Burnett. G.K. Chesterton counts. One a month is doable. However, if I am working on Resolution #3 in full force, that can replace a classic book for a month in order to maintain full immersion.

7) James 4:8.

I love reading what the resolutions of my friends are and there are mine above.


  1. I made myself a cheat sheet for my resolutions:

    I am still honored to be on the masthead of this venerable blog.

  2. Okay, one last post caught my eye before I shut down.

    You are ONE AMBITIOUS young woman. Go for it with every one of these resolutions. (They'd take me ten years, not a year!)

    Rock on with James 4:8 not matter which other resolutions you manage to check off.

    I'm going one habit at a time this year instead of big resolutions. My first was simple: Raw Food First in the morning. Check! It's now a habit and I feel better for it.

    I am also doing words for guidance and inspiration. January's were Nourish, Rest and Rejoice ( I did not master those, but I was inspired by them. I am still praying on February's, even if Feb. is already upon us.


Your words make me grin.

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