Saturday, December 22, 2012

Haines Christmas Festivities : Indoor Community Decorations

Haines has been full of small Christmas surprises lately -- like when I went to the post office and immediately the smell of a fresh-cut tree took over.

Say what?

A Christmas tree -- in my post office? All over the office were decorations and Mr. Postman even had on a Santa Hat! At the cash register was a sign on how many days till Christmas. Definitely started to get me in the mood. I love the Post Office already but this was beautiful!

Standing in line for to get mail? Actually, equally beautiful and a good opportunity to connect with other members of the community.

Next we have the Haines Borough Public Library.

They really went all out until the place gleefully reeked of Christmas. Joy joy joy! Seriously, joy!

After a trunch in the snow, it's fun to come read a book by the tree. This season, I finally got around to reading a Christmas Carol (hello Dickens!). Goodness - so the Muppets didn't just throw their own wit into the story. His sense of humour, goodness, that guy is good. Now I get how he became a classic.

Library Journal noted our library as the Best Small Library of America in 2005 (two years after we got this new building). It gets over 60,000 visits a year (from a town of around 1,300) and over 75 members of the community volunteer here. The evenings are run solely by volunteers, which is something we're all grateful for. Although, I do admit I miss the free 100 pages of b&w and 10 pages of colour printing that came with the King County Library System.

Here's the Haines School which contains the high school, elementary school, and middle school.

They had a giant tree set up, a display of gingerbread houses, and they hosted a craft fair in mid-December where I took care of 80% of my Christmas shopping buy things locally. An impressive selection at prices I was willing to pay. Hard to go wrong when buying locally.

Here's the church I attend - Haines Presbyterian Church. I'm grateful for it and the fellowship I find there.

The Mountain Market had up garlands and lights -- and they were ready to charge me $9.39 for a head of cabbage. Living in Alaska comes with Alaskan prices since everything has to be shipped up on a barge.

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