Sunday, December 9, 2012

Homes # 4 & 5 :: the Closet & the Basement

At what point can a place be considered “home?” At what point have you “lived someplace?” I was thinking about that today as I reflected on my recent transition of living spaces and counting how many homes I have occupied in Haines.

Currently, this week I moved from Home #4 to Home #5.
From the closet to the pastor and his wife’s home.

At this point, I consider home to be a place where my food can go in the fridge and, when I go there after any sort of event, it’s referred to as, “Going home.”

Here’s a catch-up on my Haines Home History (HHH):

Home #1 - The Guide House (with Andrew)

Home #2 - Mary Lou’s Mobile Home (with Andrew and Tyler)

I promise, the bed was made every day -- this was just when we were packing up at the end of the two months there.

Home #3 - The Library of the H Family (with 11 others)

Home #4 - The Closet (of Dani and Daniel)

[image above]

Home #5 - Pastor and Pastor's Wife’s Home (the H's)

I think when I last wrote, I was housesitting for a lovely family with a bounty of animals. Before that I was living with the H family however it was getting to be a bit difficult. See, they live out of town up a icy, icy mountain-of-a-hill. That hill wouldn’t be such a terror were I in full working condition. As it stands, though, my ankle is lame (read: crap) and I am to avoid walking (terror!) and my studded tires haven’t come in for my bicycle.

That means, to live at the Home #3, I would need to rely on others totally for my transportation and that abode is certainly not on the way for anyone ‘cept that lovely lady who lives above us. Being 22, being fully dependent on others (and feeling like a burden -- which folks assure me I’m not, but still...) to get around is not a place I want to be in. I take pride in getting myself around (is that you, God, knocking me off my self-reliant pedestal?).

Anyways, in sum, I could not live at Home #3 any more. Transportation-wise, it just wasn’t going to work without a mass of unrealistic effort.

Enter: The Closet!

I’ve mentioned the Quik Shop mates before and how wonderful they are, right? I’ve mentioned how they’ve gone out of their way in numerous aspects in beautiful dynamics that I appreciate greatly, right? I have, haven’t I? Certainly.

I forget when the conversation first happened, but I think it was when I first saw Dani’s spacious (read: standard, but delectable in my eyes) closet. I could be remembering wrong but I think I remember a conversation likes this:

Me: Yo. Cool closet.
Dani: Yeah.
Me: Someone could sleep in it.
Dani: You could if you wanted to.
Me: Really? I will probably take you up on that.

Now, this conversation is hardly representational of the dynamic of conversations that are to be had with Dani because she is a zealous spark of wonder. But, that was the gist of some sort of conversation that had to have been exchanged.

Summery (as usual) - she welcomed me to stay in her closet... live in her closet.

Dani and Daniel live very, very central to town - in fact, just a two minute walk from my most frequent client. I first stayed at their house one night when it was dismal and I had a late evening shift and an early shift the next morning.

To be frank, my night’s sleep there was pretty crappy. This house is not known for it’s peaceful night habits. But, I had learned what to prepare myself for - folks going to bed at 4:30 and even 6:00 AM and someone snoring in the room I sleep in (not Dani, she doesn’t snore - just a peaceful breather).

Anyways, my housesitting gig was over and I wasn’t sure where I was going to go next.

“You can come stay with us!” Dani reassured me. Genuinely, reassuring me which gave me a warm feeling like walking on the hearth stones around a wood stove in your bare feet.

I packed up a box with my food, a few clothing items (I’ve been living in the same two outfits for over 30 days, now), and my general writing supplies and my time in the closet began.

The time in the closet still isn’t over. I have a feeling I’ll be back there at one point or another and it’s especially nice to have a place to find refuge in when I go over there.

My closet (am I allowed to call it “mine”? It is Dani’s, technically) is such a cozy little nook and what turns it into a place that I desire to be in is the Christmas lights I put up and the sock on the wall. The sliding closet doors have come of their tracks and are at a slant, turning the space into that of a tent, with a slanted roof. Dani can turn on her light and it is still dark enough in my closet to sleep.

I was ready for my first night in the closet as a “home.”

At 9:00 PM, while everyone was watching an animated film, I got myself ready for sleep and cozied up with a book and some Julian Lloyd Webber in my ears. by 9:30 PM, lights were out and it was time to put myself to sleep. Julian Lloyd Webber continued to play and I relaxed and slipped into sleep. I awoke at 4 AM when Dani and Nick went to bed and I put in my ear plugs and fell back asleep within an hour. So, overall, I got my full 7-8 hours of sleep. Success!

The next two nights were overnight shifts at work.

Then the closet.

Then, on Sunday, the J, the Pastor R’s wife, mentioned I could stay in their basement. On Tuesday, with all of my current “use them” possessions in a box and my backpack, I moved into their basement.

Wonder of wonders! I have a desk!

Just as the H Family, and the Quik Shop Crew, the new H family of Home #5 have taken me in like leaping onto an over-sized couch in sweatpants (of which I own none - but I do have a pair of long underwear I am currently wearing 24/6, not 7).

I join Mr. and Mrs. H for dinner in the evening, lunch when it works out, and sometimes our breakfasts align.

The original H family of 11 came at the right time in my life and were perfect for that time just as Mr. and Mrs. H is such a blessing in this moment. And my friend Lori moves into the other room in the basement on Monday!

Not much to say, so far.

Here are pictures:
Going down the stairs...

Welcome to the Basement
Take a left and then a right and then, bingo, my room.
Look! A desk!
From L to R:
Green rain coat, THE pants, black long underwar shirt, long sleeved blue shirt, plaid shirt, Alaska T, underwear and socks bag, skirt, two scarfs and... that's all I've been wearing, right now.
There's a hole with a mirror in it. The mirror is bowed outwards so life looks shorter.
Reading and tea. 
The bathroom is cat themed!

I had beans for breakfast!
I am eager to lean about pressure cookers.


  1. Magi - For you, truly the phrase, "Life is an adventure, live it to the fullest!" Fits you. You are seriously not part of the "entitlement" generation!! (Proud of you!!)

    But at some point, it will be okay to settle down a little. Note I said, "a LITTLE" - because I do NOT think you are one to just totally "settle down" - LOL -

    Uncle Jerry


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