Monday, December 3, 2012

On My Own? Not Really.

True, I am *"living on my own" in Haines, but in this past week, I've been overwhelmed with the kindness my Haines friends have shown me. They have given me their hours, their time, their company, shelter, food, and love.

*What I mean by "living on my own" is that I am currently living independently of anyone else and not tied to anyone ('cept my parents do cover me in their insurance). I raise the money to pay for the food that I feed myself with which currently seems to frequently be brown rice and beans.


I'm just going to start off with a bang by calling out on the C's.

Oh the C's.
We first collided in the library - where all sturdy friendships should begin.

They daily blow me away with their kindness, but today, it hit home.

See, there's this nasty stomach flu that's taken Haines by storm - actually, no, not by storm because we actually kinda like storms and we don't like this. Everyone is getting it. The family I used to live with (which I don't write about lot because they like privacy and I respect that), the folks above the Quikshop, clients, every place I go.

It's almost inevitable that I will be vomiting soon.
And I wasn't sure where to go if I did get sick.

I saw my old bedroom today and it is filled, to the max, with the belongings of other members of the household (as they juggle folks around from room to room). If I got sick, it would not be a peaceful environment to be in currently. Plus, it would be a challenge to get back to that home with my foot.

As for the closet above the Quikshop? Sigh, I'd feel welcome -- but I don't think I want to be sick there with folks coming in and out. And Stacey (of family C) said that being sick, throwing up in a closet would kind of be like some sort of drunken party nightmare. It's a cozy closet, but it just isn't the place.

Yes. This is me trying to figure out where I want to throw up and blogging about it. Hello world!

I would like to note that this is not the norm. Generally they sit across the room and I don't think they even watch movies that much at all. Today was just special and this moment just so happened to be the singular one I captured.
Irons aid in patch-making.
Then, Stacey told me, without me even asking, that if I get sick, I am welcome to come straight to their house and be sick on their couch. "Chad will come pick you up, and bring a big bucket, and you can just be on the couch all day."

This means the world to me. This is, well, kinda huge and a giant relief. They are willing to take me in when I am at my grossest. I'm not their daughter. They don't have to. When you're throwing up is normally when people hope that you'll stay away.

That's love, yo.

Today they picked up at 8 AM for work for our Sunday breakfast. We've done this a few times now and I love it. I get to have breakfast with them each Sunday morning and hang out for a few hours before church.

We play dolls. And a game about moose.

After church, Chad drove me to pick up stuff from my old house and then to their cabin up on the hill. Then he got the girls Stacey and brought them home. Then we spent the day mending things and watched two movies in a row (which is a big "this never happens"). They also baked up some gluten-free chocolate brownies and we had delicious beans for dinner.

Yes. I got to hang out with these folks for 11 hours. I was grateful. They are good to me.


When I messed up with the whole housesitting thing (telling the wrong people that the house I was staying in would be empty at times as I work), the Quikshop-crew really stepped up and went above and beyond in helping me.

What did they do? They spent their days housesitting for me as I housesat.

As I worked, they sat in the house all day long, just keeping it occupied and safe.

9 hours.
4 hours.
7 hours.

And then some.

One lad drove out at 5 AM in the morning from 27 miles out the road to watch it.
Another biked in the freezing cold at 7:05 AM across town to take care of it and was affectionate towards dogs.
They're brothers.

Dani was wonderful and scrubbed the pot of beans I had burned. She even called before having Jasmine over. Thorough and thoughtful.

This meant so much to me. My friends went out of their way to help me. That is love.

Pickles are how I say "thank you."


I'm not sure where I'm going to live next.

Primarily to my ankle circumstance and transportation inconvenience, it just isn't going to work for me to live up where I've been living. We'll keep it to that.

I just finished up my housesitting gig.
I spent the next night sleeping in the Quikshop closet (full 8 hours of sleep!).
These past two nights I've been doing overnight shifts.

And tomorrow night?

When I woke up this morning, I didn't know where this week would be spent. At church, I was talking to the pastor's wife (Jackie! She's lovely!) about it. She mentioned that a friend of mine would be housesitting there in a couple of weeks. I told her I'd talk to her, but didn't want to assume I could (and thanked her kindly). Then she said I could always come and stay there, even if they were there.

So, that's where I'll probably be for a few weeks, or however long or short they want it to be.

I'm grateful.

I'm going to call tomorrow to see when it would be convenient and to make sure we're on the same page.


I dunno. I just feel altogether beautifully loved in Haines. I feel like this community truly does take care of me.

Andrew was right. Back in June, I was trying to leave Haines.

"Mägi, you can't leave Haines," he said.
I was frustrated and sputtered back that I could and pretend like it had never existed.
"No, you can't because you love Haines and Haines loves you."

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