Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nine Months: Haines in the Winter

Yes.‭ ‬I do believe I’ve fallen head-over-heels-smitten-in-love with the town of Haines.

Welcome to Month Nine.

The days are as short as ever‭ (‬two days till solstice‭!) ‬and I am relishing the darkness.‭ ‬The sun’s absence drives us indoors in clusters.‭ ‬We find our daily purposes in small gatherings and every afternoon has the potential to feel like an extended evening.

Welcome to Winter in Haines.

I love it.

And I’m going to be so bold as to say I like Haines in winter much more than Haines in summer.

I’m just currently trying to figure out whether I like Haines in winter more because of what the season is and the feel or because of nature of my own personal summer and the disorienting feeling of it that left me bouncing between sentiments and emotions of deep friendships and that one went awry that left me declaring myself‭ “‬unlovable‭” ‬and‭ “‬used.‭”

Let’s just say I like the winter because it’s winter‭ ‬--‭ ‬because I think I do.

I never thought I would be one to flourish in the snow.‭ ‬Or,‭ ‬perhaps not flourish,‭ ‬but find comfort in the rhythms it has encouraged in my life.

I have taken advantage of the snow and darkness,‭ ‬as an introvert,‭ ‬to spend bit of extra time in my bedroom.‭ ‬As noted before,‭ ‬I’m very much so satisfied spending large quantities of time by myself in my bedroom.‭ ‬I don’t require constant companions or believe that I need to surround myself by friends all the time to have the affirmation that I’m not alone in this darkness.

Lately,‭ ‬Russian has been my focus.‭ ‬Russian culture.‭ ‬Russian language‭ (‬help me‭!)‬.‭ ‬Russian history.‭ ‬I work on all three in my attempt to not show up at the Moscow airport an ignorant,‭ ‬clueless American.‭ ‬A few hours a day usually suffices.‭ ‬I take notes.‭ ‬I talk to myself out-loud.‭ ‬I reread the notes any chance I get.

Also,‭ ‬Haines,‭ ‬I think,‭ ‬becomes even more of a community in the winter.‭ ‬In the summer,‭ ‬it’s filled with temporary residents‭ (‬not that I’m not temporary‭) ‬who bail when the snow comes.‭ ‬I think a sort of bonding happens to those who stick out the snow.‭ ‬Now I feel like I’m living among Alaskans.

Haines in the winter is beautiful.‭ ‬Dare I say much more beyond that‭? ‬It’s darn adorable!

I have a bit more of a month left in Haines and I’d be as dandy as ever to stay.‭ ‬If I hadn’t bought my plane ticket to Moscow,‭ ‬I have a feeling I’d be here until April‭ ‬--‭ ‬but I can’t stay there past then.‭ ‬I will not be here when the guides come back.


  1. SO beautiful. You make me want to hop on a plane and get up there. Letter coming back your way soon, friend! :)

    1. Awwe, thank you! Yes. Please do hop the aeroplane! Haines would welcome you gracefully, I believe. That or spit you out. It's always one or the other. Stoked for your letter!


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