Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cat Box Full House Sick Day

You know what I did with my last Saturday?

I curled up in a chair and watched Full House all day.

I felt like crap. I didn't feel like having another day of feeling like crap in my bedroom - so I felt like crap at the Clark's. I can really let down my guard, there.

We watched Full House all. day. long.
And it was great.

I love that show.

We did some origami. It drained me.
Oh yeah... I'm sick.

We snacked on rice crackers and black berries and Stacey made chicken noodle soup for dinner. It was wonderful. It was healing,. We drank tea by the gallon.

I curled up in the chair some more.

They played the fiddle.
And before that, we went to Dalton City. Folks were ice skating.

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