Thursday, February 28, 2013

My First Night In Tobbit the Truck

I have a home!

I'm not sure if you realize what that means to me - what Tobbit is to me. Since graduating from high school in 2009 (say quaahhh --- four years ago?) I've been flitting about between other towns (Bowen Island, Arzier, Haines, etc) and my parent's home. In those four years, I've always been temporarily in a space, rarely letting myself root down. Tobbit is something mobile I can root in.
Tobbit was my dream.

My parents encouraged me and my brother to dream, growing up. We weren't told we had to live life within the track that society had built for us.

For years, I've also been dreaming of living in the back of a truck or a van. I've been reading blogs on girls in their trucks, and craft up my own ideas. I dreamed of visiting small towns and settling in for a bit, parking in the middle of nowhere and taking it all in, crashing a friends driveway for a night, hopping around organic farms and volunteer opportunities.

It feels good to have my dream in my hands.
I have the means to it.
This dream is coming true.

Alex came over to check Tobbit out and again and take him for a short drive up some hills to see how he did. How did he do? Just as an old disel Volkswagon should do. I was mighty proud of him.

Back home, Alex gathered some twigs and I made a fire and cooked up an egg. Then I started to move in.
The rain poured down on Tobbit and I was gleefully dry and warm all night. The fire in the stove kept me plenty warm and I even had wifi since we were parked in my parent's backyard.
I read.
Enjoyed my bed.
It actually became too hot and I kept having to open up the back doors.
I fueled the stove with wood I had chopped up over at my grandparents' home that they didn't need any more. I also got a few rugs my grandmother had made from there which now are on Tobbit's truck bed.
That night, I slept well.
In the morning, I got to experience my first "morning light" experience with Tobbt through his sky light.
Read my Bible.
Made some eggs in coconut oil along with some toast.
Dave's Killer Bread

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Acquisition of Tobbit

I did it.
I bought a truck.
 I named him Tobbit.

Tobbit is a 1981 Volkswagen Diesel Rabbit Truck.

Let's just go ahead and quote Facebook here:
For Valentines Day I bought myself a 1981 VW Diesel Rabbit Truck (Caddy!) with a camper. Extensively elated! This is the car I've been waiting for. With the camper attached  it gets around 34-36 mpg. I can convert it to run on vegetable oil. Comes with a marine stove and a chrome chimney. Has a fold-down bed. There's a skylight that runs down the middle to keep things light. The entire thing is water-tight and painted with marine paint. It's had two owners and is in extraordinary condition - only place in one tiny place. It's brilliantly reddish-orange. Yeah.... this rig is sweet! Oh man -- it also has a table that attaches on the outside of a rig + a tarp set up on both sides from the top to extend the space.

My friend Alex found him for me.
I'm grateful.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Biking through downtown Seattle in rush hour traffic doesn't scare me.
Scootering down a steep hill in the rain in the dark with my breaks barely working doesn't scare me.

Driving an automobile? That scares me enough to make me cry. In fact, it did that just the other day.
Margaret, pull yourself together.

Say whhaaa?

Closing PDX

Happy Valentines Day.
I got to wake up to a marvelous Lucy.
Eggs, toast, beans, zusammen.

Now I’m at the BoltBus stop, waiting to catch my bus to Seattle after a short jaunt in Portland. There are a bounty of black coats and graphic tee’s here.

It was an interesting time of reconnection for me. I was grateful to be able to collide with the people I did. I got to see people like Zina, Lucy, Danny, Princess Ryan, Chris, Christi, Justin, Andre...

People fed me kale and bacon and rice and sweet potato fries and I nommed carrots almost every morning.

My favourite night, I walked Lucy to the bus stop but on the way there, conversations started and I wanted to speak with her more so I got to join her on the bus and then sleep at her place. That was what I needed.

I needed down time in Portland and that’s what Portland gave me. I needed to walk without worrying about Point A and Point B. I needed to have time where nothing had to occur. I felt refreshed in the nothing spaces.

I liked waking up in Lucy’s bed and reading comics all morning and then coming back later that night. I filled up the hot water bottle and got to enjoy another comic. Lucy has the best comic selection I’ve witnessed in a human home. I’ve never witnessed non-human’s having comic collections.

A book’s-worth of collections of emotions were sorted through during this week and I tried to give each one the attention it deserved. Doting a little before passing it along. “Why do I feel this?” and “It’s ok to feel this” were sentences spoken.

I also decided not to go to Corvallis Contra Dance weekend which felt really good. That was three days of uncertainty and watching others dance. Now I can stay home and sort more. Sort through the crap I’ve acquired.

What a Charming Town

I feel legitimately cool as I race around Capitol Hill and Queen Anne on my Razor Scooter that I've been riding for well over a decade as it rains and I almost wipe out but don't because, well, because I feel cool.

Watching "Howl's Moving Castle" at Black Coffee.

Here's a quote of my latest status update on Facebook:
After a community viewing of Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle at Black Coffee, the nieghbourhood anarchist co-op coffee shop, a satyr named Xander found me and called me out since I was running around with my quilt around my shoulders and he thought I might be going to the fairy convention. Feathered hat, beard, dragon, and all he accompanied me home (Sarah's home) where he slept in the closet. In the morning, we got carrots.

I'm going to just throw some pictures out here to describe the lately...

This morning I woke up on Queen Anne Hill with a grey, drizzly-dropping blustery view of South Lake Union, Eastlake, and Capital Hill on the couch of childhood friend (known him since 1995) Eric Johnson. I got to meet his girlfriend Katie as well and, goodness, was she wonderful! Engaging, encouraging, wise, curious, and genuine pleasure to be around. I was super pleased that Eric has such a rad woman to be with.

After a short jaunt on the bus, me and my scooter careened around Seattle till we got to the visa center where I turned in my paper work (and was approved) for a 3-year multiple entry visa to Russia! THIS IS HUGE! I can go back, yo!

I celebrated by going to Piroshky Piroshky at Pike Place Market.

It really is howling today. Nipping cold with winds that whip your hat away if you don't scrunch them down tight on your scalp. I saw multiple humans (probably tourists) ditching their umbrellas in the trashcan on Union & 6th.

Here is a series of photographs of people I've been fortunate enough to collide with in near-chronological order:
Robert whom I met via an Occupy Seattle event
Auntie Mo whom I met flash mobbing
Nik & Lisa whom I met on the bus
Amy whom I met at the thrift shop in Alaska and her fiance, Craig, of New Zealand
Pizza with Kyle, Isaac, and co post-Moth
Contra Dancers
Sarah, best friend, whom I've known since 1996
Gail of Colorado
Kyle of California whom I met in the warehouse in Portland
Scotty of West Virginia
Scootering about Capitol Hill and the International District with Bee, Kyle, and Sarah
Megan, Andrew, Teresa, Erik, and fondue...
So that's been a lot of the social lately... sort of. That's a portion of it when I actually manage to take my camera out of my bag. It's hard to do, lately, just because the pictures look so crappy.

I've spent a significant amount of time staying with Sarah who has graciously taken me in. I've known Sarah for over a decade, since elementary school.

Date update: I'll be leaving Seattle on March 13, I believe, since that is when my Russian visa will be arriving in Seattle for me to pick up with my passport.

This weekend, off to Cle Elum to play in the snow!
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