Sunday, February 17, 2013

Prologue to Acquisition of Tobbit

Debby. She's Alex's.
 This is the prologue, the story of how I acquired Tobbit, my truck, whom you have not yet met yet. I guarantee you won't be disappointed (so long as you have super low expectations). Man, is he fine! But, before I talk about getting Tobbit, this is how I learned that Volkswagens are the raddest cars in the world.

Also - everything I say is without authority. I still know next to nothing about Volkswagens... very little little little....

On June 20, 2009, I went on my very first Volkswagen Cruise with Mr. Alex. I've known Alex since I was 7 and he is super rad, compassionate, giving, and he likes VWs.

A VW Cruise is where a bajillion euro-car enthusiasts gather at a Point A and drive together to Point B.

It was a world I was totally unfamiliar with but was eager to be Alex's passenger. We were going to Leavenworth! As we approached, I started to notice the trend as flocks of euro-cars gathered (with lots of VWs!) and clogged up the intersections.

A $10 donation to a worthy cause and we were in.

Well, not really.
And I had no idea what anything was or what mattered.

All the cars and different years and makes and custom things and Alex was pretty stoked about it all. He knew the questions to asked and pointed out snowflakes and special headlights that were rare. I didn't know headlights could be rare.

Alex is a champ at VW things. Building. Rebuilding. Conquering.
I quickly learned that I thought the Volkswagens were my favourites. Audi's... meh.

And then I noticed these certain cars. Alex called them "Rabbits."

Gosh. They were adorable! Rabbit = the Golf Mk1.

They were made from '74-83. Later they made a Mk5 that was also called the Rabbit but I don't like them even an eighth as much. Mk1s are my favourite.

So Rabbits were cool... but then he referred to a "caddy" or a "Rabbit truck."

And I thought those were really neat. Most of them.

I also learned about diesel cars and trucks. Alex has a diesel car and he can get some, ehh, 38+ miles to the gallon! He said they can also be converted to run on vegetable oil. At that point, I started to really want a diesel Rabbit... I also learned to drive later that day!

Later on I got to go on more cruises with him and I think the moment I fell in love with the Volkswagen Caddy (truly in love) was when I saw this light blue one on June 19, 2010 at a pre-meet. A pre-meet? Yeah. They sometimes have meet ups before the big meet up before the cruise on the same day so you get to drive around with lots of other Volkswagens.

This was it:

It was beautiful.

I dreamed of an orange VW Rabbit or Caddy... one of those, and diesel. In September 2010 I found a beautiful orange Rabbit for cheap and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it. I bought a car in 2012 but never drove it and eventually sold it because it never felt like "my car."

Alex has since taken me on a few more cruises and I like'em a lot. I especially like it when he brings our bicycles on his roof rack.

For years, Alex has been checking daily for the right car or truck for me (or if it's an incredible deal, for him)...

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