Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Acquisition of Tobbit

I did it.
I bought a truck.
 I named him Tobbit.

Tobbit is a 1981 Volkswagen Diesel Rabbit Truck.

Let's just go ahead and quote Facebook here:
For Valentines Day I bought myself a 1981 VW Diesel Rabbit Truck (Caddy!) with a camper. Extensively elated! This is the car I've been waiting for. With the camper attached  it gets around 34-36 mpg. I can convert it to run on vegetable oil. Comes with a marine stove and a chrome chimney. Has a fold-down bed. There's a skylight that runs down the middle to keep things light. The entire thing is water-tight and painted with marine paint. It's had two owners and is in extraordinary condition - only place in one tiny place. It's brilliantly reddish-orange. Yeah.... this rig is sweet! Oh man -- it also has a table that attaches on the outside of a rig + a tarp set up on both sides from the top to extend the space.

My friend Alex found him for me.
I'm grateful.

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  1. Congratulations, he looks amazing. How will you furnish the Tobbit? Driving's not so bad... Find a patient teacher, and I bet you'll really like it once you get comfortable.


Your words make me grin.

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