Monday, March 25, 2013

Boston Night One

I woke up early in Washington D.C.
The night before I had gotten rid of my boots.
It was snowing.

I arrived in Boston at aroun 9:10 PM feeling a bit peculiar after a full day on the busses.

My first task was to get myself out of Boston into a neighbouring village. I decided to see if I could navigate the Boston metro (public transportation?) without dropping pace. The moment I got off the bus, I started with a brisk pace, keeping my eyes open for “Red Line” to “Riverside.” I identified it and found the machine where a week long pass was purchased for $18.

I quickly found my way onto the subway/train/thing and got excited. Yo. I am in Boston. That's pretty rad considering I started the day off in Washington DC. A quick switch to the green line and we rambled on through communities until I got to the town where Nora lives.

Nora and her respendous family would be my first host in this new state. I had met Nora one and a half times in Seattle, before, via the dance community and our common friend, Stephen. It seemed serindipitous that we were both in Boston at the same time, as normally she resides in Ohio but was in Boston for the week. Our weeks collided!

I pulled into the station of the town Nora grew up in and hopped on my scooter. I probably felt like I was in the safest neighbourhood since I had been in Kenmore, maybe safer. When I remarked on that, later, to the family, they told me that apparently the town had won awards for that before.

I finally got to her street and started observing houses and house numbers. I was pretty elated when I saw that the number for her house corrisponded with the cutest house on the street. To my surprise, Nora was home when I got there and the entire family quickly made me feel welcome. It felt good to be in a family setting again.

This is where I am stopping my constant naration of the trip because I'm realizing that it's not sustainable. From here, I'll probably try and tell small stories, one at a time, skipping on huge overviews of activities.

Here are some pictures with words to go with them:

I finally finished Ithica, the quilt I started last year in Haines. I just had to sew up the edging which has been loose all these months.

The olive oil wall.

DUDE! I got to sleep in this house! It looks super cute.


  1. I was just in Boston about two weeks ago (dropping a friend back off at college) and rode the red line into the city! Great town. :)


Your words make me grin.

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