Friday, March 1, 2013

I Wrote A Bit.


It comes and goes in waves. Sometimes I feel I have too much to say and other times I have nothing. And then, there are times like now where I have so much to say but don’t take or find the time to write them out. Then, I finally sit down, position my hands over the keyboard, and wait for the ideas to flow.

And they don’t.

Or I have so much to say that it clogs up in my brain. Writing has to be a daily activity to keep my ideas flowing. I also find that when I finally get back to writing, the first couple posts are not something I would suggest reading. Zum beispiel, I recently did my posts on Tobbit, my truck. I had been wanting to write about him since February 13 and it took me a while to finally get the words out. When I did, I couldn’t think of too much to say, anymore. I guess I plan on having more to say about that when I’ve slept in him longer than for one night.

I feel better when I write.
It’s certainly a time commitment and a habit that I cycle in and out of.
When I’m in the habit, my thoughts flow easier.
When I’m out of habit, thoughts back up and when it comes time to get them out, it feels like I need to vomit the words out a bit (like right now) until I reach the point of being an effective communicator and documenter.

I think this will do for now.

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  1. Hello Mägi, I have just had a good old fill-up read on your blog, and I wanted to say thank you for sharing it. I really enjoyed your writing.

    And, well, the ADHD thread was fantastic.

    My eldest daughter has SPD (and me? and my husband?), and we have come a long way with it. It was helpful to read your perspective on it - I love the way you have accepted it as a (small) part of who you are.

    I wish you much blessing and joy as you embark on your next adventure. I will be following along via your blog ... !


Your words make me grin.

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