Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'll Take the Train

Switzerland Trains - 2007

Straight from Facebook:

I originally bought my plane ticket to Russia from NYC instead of Seattle because it would save me $500 and I thought I could get from SEA -> NYC for less than that.

I just bought my tickets and for $377, I get to travel via train (and sometimes bus) from Seattle -> Washington D.C -> New York City -> Boston -> Rochester -> Toronto -> New York City

Now, I was short on cash (in my mind) so I was planning on hitchhiking a major portion of this trip, but I said that if I found employment in Seattle to cover it, I'd take the train. I got a surprise 48 hour shift of work two days ago which covers the entire trip nearly times two (so there's enough left over to eat)! This is in addition to 100 hours of unexpected, satisfying meaningful work I managed to acquire this month. 

I certainly am blessed, yo.

My dates go like this:

Washington D.C. :: March 19 - 25
Boston, MA :: March 25 - March 26
Portland, ME :: March 27
Boston, MA :: March 28 - April 1
Rochester, NY :: April 1 - 2/3
Toronto, ON :: April 2/3 - 7
New York, NY :: April 8 - 17

I did find employment. Pretty rad employment, in fact. I get to be a care provider for my grandfather who currently needs to be watched 24/7 (he thinks he can get around by himself but it isn't safe for him to do that). I'm really honoured to be in this position and I love him a lot. It's also cool because I get to spend 48 hour "shifts" with my grandparents, who totally rock!

I decided not to hitchhike.

I was set on hitchhiking back when I felt  like my dollars were dwindling and I didn't want to go to Russia with under a certain amount. It's not that I'm low on cash - I just want to set some money aside for when I get back to the states and have enough to live comfortably when I'm back.

Anyways, so I decided I couldn't afford the $270 it cost to cross the coast via train (which is silly). But I prayed and said if I got a job that made enough (over $1000) then I would take the train. Well, I certainly have made that since coming to Seattle.

So I bought some tickets.
A bunch of tickets.

My favourite route was when I got a $1 through BoltBus to get from New York to Boston. Washington D.C. to New York cost $7. This is why we plan ahead...

I'm getting a bit eager about my departure. Kind of weirded out. I guess it's time to go again, it's time for me to skitter off. This is something I've been looking forward to for a while. I'm stoked to reconnect with friends I haven't seen in a while - one I haven't seen since junior high.

The photographs of me on the train are from 2007 in Switzerland where I fell in love with trains as a medium of transportation. I love trains, yo!

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