Saturday, March 16, 2013

Initial Thoughts After Six Hours On a Train

Thoughts from my train ride.

I feel blissful.
I feel peace.
I am on a train.

I love this. It's been 6 hours that I've been on it, so far, and I already feel like time is slipping past too quickly. I only get about 4 days on here (Saturday through Tuesday). Will that be enough? Only two full days.

I can only think of one person I know of that might like trains more than me... maybe. Brandon, I'm referring to you.  I think he likes trains...

It's 10:51 PM and I ought to try to sleep soon but I'm don't really want to. I want to try and do all the things you do when you're on a train. These are things that you do normally off a train, but when you're on a train, they're about 4.2 times more fantastic and include reading, learning Russian, listening to podcasts, deciding if I like Rodrigo y Gabriela, and staring out the window. Stare.

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