Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Moldy Tobbit, The Mesa, and Aerial Map Snapshots

When it starts to get late, I start to dream.
After spending all day working on Tobbit, I'm dreaming even more.

Last night, I had a legit dream about traveling around in a VW (wasn't Tobbit).


Today I worked on cleaning the mold out of Tobbit's cab (not the camper part - that's clear).

I stocked it up with maps too. I had to screw on a new wiry windy-holder thing to keep them in place. I really like maps. I dream of having adventures with these maps. I dream of picking a random place on a map and going there - making it my own Ithaca where it really is all about the journey.

I've been thinking about where Tobbit and I will go. I've been thinking of heading South (after I get back from Ukraine) where it's warmer. I haven't lived in warm climates before and think it could be interesting to not have to bundle up all the time and have nippy toes.

I stumbled across this documentary on YouTube called Off the Grid :: Life on the Mesa.

It's about a community of folks living in the middle of nowhere (well, 25 miles from town) off the grid. Now, there are a lot of holes that could be shot at the lifestyle and a lot of ways to criticize it, which is good. Certainly isn't perfect.... and I am totally intrigued. Intrigued enough to want to immediately pack up and drive there and connect with that community.

This is me dreaming, so I guess I don't have to justify anything nor try to convince or acknowledge that I do, indeed, see the flip side to this.

I want to head out there, pack Tobbit up with water, fire wood, rice, beans... is there more to life? Oh yeah, oats. Find someone that will let me park on their land. Tobbit will also have some language books in him. I'll spend the days walking to the Rio Grande. Maybe find a job as a care provider, doing long shifts and living off of next to nothing.

I did some aerial screen shots of this area. There will be vast nothingness and then, all of a sudden, this little compound with a bajillion cars:

Zoom in to...

I've never experienced anything like this. So many crappy cars! I'm intrigued. I'm curious. I want to do something about it.

And all of that makes me want to find a random small community in Washington on the east side. I live in Western Washington where it is lush and moist and green. But, we've got an eastern side that looks a bit similar to New Mexico (in an aerial view). I kept looking for random homesteads and managed to stumble upon Sprague. Home to 446 folks:

Imagine growing up and having your entire life be contained within those streets. I do like small towns. That's why I'm drawn to places like Haines, Bowen Island, and Sachseln.

Here are some aerial map snapshots of some towns I've lived in:
Arzier, Switzerland :: 2009
Giswil, Switzerland :: 2008
Haines, Alaska :: 2012-2013
Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada :: 2011
Sachseln, Switzerland :: 2007-2008

I was raised in this town:

Kenmore, Washington
When I was born, Kenmore was considered Seattle but we split off around 1998.

Dreaming.. where was I?

Ah yes! I just crave to explore all of these places. I want to get to know them intimately. I want to stay there long enough to call a place "home" and have a routine and pattern established there. I want to take Tobbit, take my home with me. I want to spend weeks on old roads no one goes on any more and just think and sing really obnoxiously loud. I want to see where I can plug in and live off of love and grace -- and not just receiving the love.

I think it's getting late.

Good night.

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