Friday, March 1, 2013

Off to Bowen :: 2013

I leave for Bowen Island, BC today.
I’ll be back in Seattle on Tuesday, the 5th.
I’m supposed to leave Seattle for a weekend in Oregon for the 8 through the 10th but I don’t think I want to any more.
I leave Seattle for the East Coast on the 13th of March.

That means that, once I get back to Seattle from Bowen, I’ll only have a week left in Seattle to prepare for my trip. I think that going to Oregon would simply be overwhelming.

Originally I was supposed to depart Seattle on the 11th but my visa doesn’t even come in until the 13th.

Preparing to leave is perhaps even a more bizarre sensation than leaving. I still have no idea what to expect with Russia and Ukraine and anything else that might happen. I don’t know if I’ll be home in four months or a year or more. And when I say, “home,” I’m still not sure what that refers to. Cascadia, I guess.

Most folks in the Pacific Northwest are familiar with Cascadia but I guess readers from the other parts of the world mightn’t of heard of it.

Cascadia encompasses much of Washington, British Columbia, and Oregon and a few other areas in partiality - maybe even up to Southeast Alaska! There’s an idea that it would rock if we all separated and became our own country. All of my favourite places (‘cept Switzerland) are in Cascadia and it would be amusing to see it as it’s own country. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live elsewhere.

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