Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Portland, Maine

I wasn't entirely sure what to do with four hours in Maine. I went on to Couchsurfing and found Lilly who was willing to meet up with me for the afternoon. She fed me the bus route information and directions to a place where we could grab coffee (although I've never actually grabbed a coffee in my life..).

Each bus driver that pulled by made sure I was getting on the correct bus before letting me board (helpful!) and within 15 minutes, I was crusing down the main street of Portland on my scooter. Cobblestone and scooters make for an interesting combination.

A small shopfront was an excellent disguise for the wonderland market behind. The vivid community of Portland seemed to gather behind the doors and up the stairs of the Portland Public Market.

For a few dollars, a young man juiced up some kale, spinach, pineapple, ginger, and carrots for me.

Lilly gave off the couchsurfer feeling to boot – the sort of person that expands the list of dreams that some of us wanderers have stored up in our brains.

Later, low and behold, there was Daniel! Daniel? Daniel's the lad I met on the train back to Chicago and then hung out with in Chicago. Now, somehow we both ended up in Portland, Maine, at the same time.

There was this man looking at tune books and with a few intruments in canvas. After a while, I finally decided I wanted to talk to him and figure out what he was up to.

"Hey, what tune book is that?" I asked.
"Is it the Portland..."
"Portland selection," said he.


Portland Selection (or is it collection) is a book of contra tunes from the Pacific Northwest. (right?) I pointed out a few favourites to him. It was his first day with the book.

Oh man! I also got my very first piece of pizza in a year! It didn't have any tomatoes in it.

When it came time to leave on the bus and catch my train to New Hampshire, Daniel waited at the bus stop until we had pulled all the way out of sight. It was good to spend time with him again.

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