Monday, March 11, 2013

Things Just Keep Working Out

Things have a tendency to work out mighty well.

I ended up leaving Alaska with a fair amount of money, but still a few thousand short of what I had hoped to acquire. In doing that, I continued my thrifty style in Seattle as I worked door shifts of each dance I attended (only saves $5-8 a night - but can easily add up to $50 a month), returned some products I didn’t ever use/need ($200), decided to not do two dance weekends I had already paid for ($200 back), and ate a lot of rice, lentils, and onions.

I tried to spend as little money as possible.

And the blessings poured out. In uncountable, numerous, unexpected ways, I was blessed by friends, businesses, and strangers. I don’t take anything for granted and am grateful for each gift.

Grateful for each person who housed me.
Grateful for each person who fed me.
Grateful for each person who took time out of their time to be with me.

Things just have been working out.

And somewhere in there, I forked out some cash and bought a truck.

Now it comes time to go to the East Coast and I’m trying to figure out how I want to get there. I’ve been wavering between hitchhiking and taking the train. I was planning on taking the train until I looked at my cash.

With no income, I didn’t want to spend money on transportation when I could probably do it for free.

I decided that, if I found the money, I would buy a train ticket. I might have said that to a big someone up there. Up there, ya know?

Well, He responded.

I just got a surprise, totally last minute 48 hour shift. 48 hours of work. This 48 hours of work will easily cover the costs of taking the train from Seattle to Washington D.C. to Boston to New York City to Toronto to Ilderton to Rochester to New York City.

And this isn’t the only 48 hours. I got 52 hours last week and I just got 48 hours more. That’s 148 surprise hours of wonderful work I’ve gotten in Seattle. That is an answer to prayer.

So that easily covers the trip. But also, another way to look at it is that all of this work plus my tax return covers the cost of the entire truck. Without Alaska, I could’ve paid for Tobbit.

What job is this?
It’s an awesome job! I love it!

I get to be my grandfather’s care provider. I have a lot of thoughts on this that I think deserve their own post.

So, God providers, and I’m grateful. This world is kind and loving, and I’m grateful.
I’m always surprised at how wonderfully things worked out.

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