Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bike Trailer's and Pulling People

I didn't have much on the agenda for Boston. I pretty much wanted to ride the T, touch the Atlantic, and get pulled around on Brandon's bicycle trailer. That last one, there, was probably one of the highs of this week along with romping in the snow with Hannah in New Hampshire.

Back in 2011
I first got to ride on Brandon's bicycle trailer on February 25, 2011 in Seattle after the weekly Friday-night contra dance. I thought it was pretty neat. In general, I can get pretty enthusiastic about humans moving around other humans on bicycles.

I've got really vivid memories of riding on the back of my dad's bike when I was a little kid. There is one specific turn I remember taking off of 68th that always scared me a bit, but I loved it. Eventually, I was old enough to bike along the Burke Gilman on my own two wheels.

In Switzerland, we would sit on the racks over our back tires to get around. I got a lot of glee out of that.

Then there was Finn, the three year old I used to nanny. Back when I was 19, we would bike all around town.

He loved just a huge hill away from the Burke Gilman which meant we were set for couple hour trips around Seattle. I would ask him which direction to go and he would pick our course. One of my favourite days was when we ended up at Seattle Pacific University. Eventually he would fall asleep and I would dodge leaf piles.

I felt pretty bad asking to be biked around on his trailer, but he's a friendly guy and when I asked if it would be possible, he made it possible. He never made me feel bad.... I think he likes pulling humans around.

As we crossed town, folks that spotted us smiled, some took pictures, and shouted out exclamations like, "That's sick, man!" I wish this wasn't novelty, though. It's vibrant and fun -- but why does this have to be a rarity? Why aren't more folks getting around by bike? It's not anything unatainable by the general public. It's doable.

How doable? I was capable of comfortably pulling Brandon around with him on the trailer for a few miles. That night, I conked out after one episode of Adventure Time - totally wiped out at 10:30. Anyways - but that's doable. If I can pull Brandon around without much effort, it seems like the general population is capable of getting around by bike and using it as a main form of transportation (not just on sunny days). I'm not saying it's a feat that I can pull Brandon...

Generally, I attempt to not live with expectations -- but riding on the back trailer came with expectations. They were all met.

I especially liked biking in the morning in traffic with a napkin of eggs in my hands.


  1. This is incredible! I want a bike trailer with which to tote my friends.

    1. And then the world would rejoyce.


Your words make me grin.

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