Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brooklyn Has Great Cats

Dear World.
At 2:39 AM.
This is what I have to offer you.

The finest cats I've so far met in Brooklyn, New York.

Tiny one is a mighty dapper chap I met at the Community Bookstore in Park Slope. He has his own Twitter.

Then there's Pascal (sorry Index - I didn't really get a photograph of you), Mary's cat. I met Mary once on the dance floor at Yale. She shared half of her luxurious marshmallow bed with me for a few nights.

After 11 sleepless hours (starting at midnight) travelled from Toronto, I ended up in New York slightly out of sorts. An afternoon was in order... and Pascal definitely wanted in on some of that naptime action.

He wriggled and attacked.
Kneaded and sniffed.
I dozed, unaffected.

Pascal also is curious and into something called "running water." Running water means he can hear splashing --- even if it's you going to the bathroom. He stick his whole face in and bat it into his flatmate, Index's, face.

I just met Annie.
We're still getting acquainted in Bushwick.

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