Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 1: Status Updates in Russia

Status update: Russia is bliss.

Status update: Russian WiFi is faster than Alaskan WiFi.

Status update: I deactivated my Facebook.

Status update: Oi. So warm. It's about 20 F warmer than Seattle. Pushing 76.

Status update: Last night I found community in Russia. I'm still giddy off of that.

Status update: Russian people talk all night in your hostel room and then get up early in the morning. It's easy to tune out Russian, at this point.

Status update: I'm feeling positive about acquiring Russian. It will be a long process, but this is possible.

Status update: Not sure where to eat, today. Maybe just a protein bar for now.

Status update: Russian girls are gorgeous. Consistently.

Status update: From my experiences, so far, Moscow has a similar feel to New York and I can match that. Walk a good pace. Watch where you're going.  You'll do fine.

Status update: Buying bottled water feels like I'm slowly killing my soul and the earth. I'm sorry, earth! Maybe I'll boil some water today and refill a few bottles with it.

Status update: Got an invitation to put on a concert in Moscow.

Status update: Got an invitation to go to St. Petersburg this weekend.

Status update: Got an invitation to a free-shop at a pay-for-your-time cafe.

Status update: I'm glad I'm in Russia alone.

Status update: Turkish people are consistently the friendliest folks I meet when travelling.

Status update: I've missed being asked if I want my water "with" or "without gas."

Status update: Trans-Siberian Railway?

Status update: There is a squished spider on the ceiling. His guts have been dispersed not-so-evenly.

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