Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 3: Status Updates in Russia

Status Update: There's a lot of people carrying sticks around the metro - giant ones. Some look like weapons. Some are in bags. I don't get it. Why do all of these people carry sticks?

Status Update: Matching track suits plus matching shoes? I think that just might be an acceptable style, here...

Status Update: My first roommates in Russia spent their entire mornings doing make-up and hair before going out. Over an hour. Full face paint. They always looked like perfection and that set the standard, in my mind, of who Russian women were. It was only today that I learned that they are Russian models. Guess they were doing their job well...

Status Update: I missed my second night at the hostel because I stayed with someone I met through Couchsurfing. When I got home, a women I had become friendly with (in a friendly friends way) asked about where I had been. When described my day, she asked how it had all happened. She decided that my life is magical due to my red hat. Little red riding hood, she called me. Well, little red riding cap (which is what they call her in Russian). She makes friends wherever she goes. Красная Шапочка. And when it comes down to it, she shrugs her shoulders and says, "не знаю" and smiles.

Status Update: Russians rock at skipping the fluffy conversations. Once you get into a conversation, they got depth, yo.

Status Update: Faux-leather jacket = Ultimate Russian Disguise. Thank you, Aunty Mo!

Status Update: Two American places Russians [seem to consistently] love: Alaska & New York. I was once being introduced as "nearly Russian" since I had lived in Alaska.

Status Update: Everyone here lives in a flat. Period. Either a flat or you've got the cash for a mansion.

Status Update: Guide to Men in Hats
  - Fuzzy hats - Look straight ahead and pretend they don't exist
  - Flat hats - Look straight ahead and pretend they don't exist
  - End-of-a-paper-bag hats - They're ok
There are a lot of men in hats.

Ladies too.

Status Update: The first people you meet in a country have the power to sort of set the tone on your view of their country. They create the first impression. My first impressions of Russia are gold. Beauty and hospitality are what I see in the Russian people.

Status Update: Each ride on the metro costs around 28 rubels, no matter how far you go. That's less than a buck.

Status Update: When people stare, I stare back. I've been perfecting my death glare. I've been working on correcting my first instinct to smile when eye contact has been accidentally been made.

Status Update: The radio has a lot of songs from the 80s and 90s. Here are the last three songs I heard: Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins in 1989; Miracle of Love by Eurythmics in 1986; High by Lighthouse Family in 1997.

Status Update: Jetlag just might be winning. I was up till 5:30 AM this morning. Finally, I was asleep at 6 AM in the morning at which point it was 10 PM in New York. Not ok, body. Not ok.

Status Update: Everywhere you go, tea is served. I approve.

Status Update:  They into cleaning and painting here. They've been painting everything. Every bar and front and coloured service. I'm here for the first warm week of the year. As for the cleaning, I see lady cleaning off the window sills of shops and streets getting hosed off.

Status Update: I don't know if I've read enough books to be allowed into Russia. They seem to like to read a lot and then ask you if you've read what they've read. I haven't.

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  1. Love your updates! Sounds like a grand time :)


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