Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 9 Srapbook: Toilet Paper, Gardens, and Mud

If left to my own devices, I will wander on until I find these roads.

The roads with the dogs that pretend not to notice you exist and where the houses are crumbling in in a majestic display of time. I'm grateful I wore my hiking boots here. They might get me some peculiar looks, but my ankles are happy and in tact and I can tromp right through dem mud puddles.

When I asked about gardening in Moscow, someone from Couchsurfing looked at me like I was crazy. Gardening? Moscow? According to him, the food would be toxic.

Welcome to Vologda.
Friday Market.
Plants for sale.

They kept the toilet paper on the outside of the stall and no seat on the toilet.

I walked over 10 miles on this day.

I attended an Animation Festival. Got interviewed. Rode in a taxi (the festival paid). Me rad folks. This all belongs in its own post...

Egor met me there (during an interview with a person who works with Sesame Street and Beavis and Butthead -- by the way, it's great when Russians say Beavis and Butthead in a Russian accent) and we went to this monastery a bit out of town. He offered me a job in Vologda - it comes with a flat.

When I got home, Nikita and Olga had over wonderful company. I enjoyed getting to know them.

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  1. Every morning I wake up and see if you have blogged something new. I love it. Today I am appreciating my cushy toilet seat and toilet paper that is an accessible place. I am glad you get to know everyday people and their everyday lives. Hugs to you!


Your words make me grin.

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