Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day Six: Status Updates in Russia

Status Update: "Советский Торт!"

Status Update: I want to go camping. They say June is the time to go...

Status Update:  I've spent more time wandering grocery store aisles than the tourist spots in Moscow. I just don't feel very tourist-y here. I do take pictures of the Stalin-scrapers.

Status Update: I might try to get a certification to teach English during my time in Moscow. I'd get it through the Cambridge-accredited/approved program. It seems to be the norm, these days, to have one and it'd be nice to have one under the belt.

Status Update:  One phrase I've heard almost everyone I visit or meet with say, "Something sweet?" It's adorable.

Status Update: There is no such thing as "politically correct" here. They will make racist jokes. They will even joke about my grandmother's death in August. It's hugely different from Seattle where you're always trying to be PC down to things like "police women" and "cows milk" (as opposed to "regular milk).

Status Update:  If the Russian language and I were in a fight, Russia would be winning and I would be tied up in a knot under a chair.

Status Update: I just found a place where I could live for around 2 months in Moscow. It's sort of tempting.

Status Update: I'm sorry, Russia. I'm sorry Mickey D's took over here too...
"What does 'take over' mean?"

Status Update: I was told that even to just get a crappy ol' junker car here, it will cost the equivalent of around $10,000.

Status Update: In Russia, it's not a big deal to accept money from your parents - even as you reach the age of 30. I was raised where the goal was to be independent of your folks. That's one cultural difference I've discussed quite a bit. I think, in America, independence is considered a virtue. This may because, in America, we're encouraged to make our own "American dream," whereas Russia is just now getting back on their feet, yet the folks still remember Soviet times where you had to help each other out, no options or second guessing that.

Status Update:  Things didn't work out with the one host I was planning on staying with in Vologda since I realized I was going to Russia. I just found out yesterday. I already have a ticket. We'll see what happens.

Status Update: I might be doing a road trip to Апатиты which is just around 100 miles from Finland (it's above the polar circle) and 1,100 miles from Moscow. There's a person driving there that just wants company for the 22 hour drive. They would pay for the gas and for my train ticket back to Moscow. It's all legit. We'll see if I get to go. I'm open to anything. This sounds like an amazing opportunity. I hope I find out today. We would leave the 7th of May.

Status Update: Since coming to Moscow, I tend to consistently go to bed between 2 and 4 AM and get up at noonish. Seize the day?

Status Update: My new host, Kate, is rad. She's refreshing, authentic, and altogether wonderful.

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  1. Going 1,100 miles anywhere on a road is an awesome way to learn and see! So much fun reading about your adventures!


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