Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Hours in Russia

Russia let me in without a hitch.
In fact, I didn't have to say anything.

I just handed over my passport and was waved through.
Who would've thought that it would be easier to get across the Russian border than Canada's?

I'm here.
I've got free reign in the largest country in the world.

And I don't speak Russian.

My travel-phrase book came in handy over and over today as I got myself to the hostel. The taxi drivers were relentless as I made my way to the bus. At least 9 of them asked me if I needed a ride. Some asked where I was going and when I told them, they told me it would be dangerous. Now that I've been here, I can safely say that I'm in a safe, happy neighbourhood.

I used the phrase book to change my 100 rubels into something smaller.
I used the phrase book to ask someone to tell me when to get off the bus.

Yes! And I did ride the bus. There's a bunch of options to get from the airport to the metro that can cost up to 450 rubels (Taxi's will be in the 1000s). But, if you take public transportation, it's only 50 rubels which is around a buck fifty. I found my bus and hopped on.

A wonderful woman took such good care of me after I asked her to help me get off the bus at the right stop. She taught me how to say the names of the stations stops where I would be transferring. Later, when I was on the subway, I was able to hear them say my stops and get off without counting.

I'll take some pictures of the metro later on when I'm not dragging around my pack.

The hostel was easy to find... and super sketch. To get here you go into a courtyard that is still filled with snow. In the corner, there's a piece of paper with the name of the hostel on it. Once inside, crumbling cement steps lead you up three floors to the hostel which is in a nice state.

I think some families actually live here.

It's small -- but I'm happy. I have a place to sleep tonight and they're taking care of my registration. It's also in a fantastic location - just 10 minutes from Red Square, which I already checked out.

They spell McDonald's like this: Макдональдс
I'm starting to be able to sound out the words without as much thinking.
It's a process...
Once again, I did a crappy job of being a tourist. I did a few obligatory shots.


  1. Wow what amazing pictures. So glad you made it safely. Hugs Leslie and Ashley

  2. So glad you got there safely. I am also appreciating the fact you blog. I love how you like to immerse yourself in a culture. I'm glad the same God is over there as over here. :) Stay safe and be wise. Love your pictures!!! Love your words. Love you most of all, however.

  3. I'm glad you got there safe and sound and are enjoying your newest voyage!

  4. Red Square looks amazing! Glad you made it safe~

    -Kaitlin H.


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