Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"чмо" - Heard on the Streets of Moscow

I took a two hour walk around the neighbourhood yesterday.
I kept my mind open and in awareness of my senses.
I walked down train tracks and conveninently turned the route into a giant loop.

As I was walking, I kept hearing the phrase, "чмо." I heard it enough times that it stuck to me.

When I got home, I asked Артём what it meant.

"What does, um, shhh-mooooo... schamoo? Schmo? What does it mean?"

He gave me this look...

"Perhaps you mean __________?" he asked.
"No, that's not it. I heard it, for example, when a wife was yelling at her husband.

"Ohhh! Чмо!" said he as he started to laugh. And laugh.

Apparently, I had picked up on the word for jerk.
Then I got to laugh.
It came in handy for learning my questions words.

"Kto чмо?"
"Куда чмo?"
Who jerk? Where to jerk?

Of all the phrases I could've picked up while wandering Moscow, "jerk" was it.
Thanks, Moscow.

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