Thursday, April 11, 2013

In New York the City

This is me.
This is me in New York.
The city part.

When people ask me for dollars, I speak German.

I like it when folks perform and dance on the subway.

I ate hummus on one of those red chairs.

I'm not sure which way you're supposed to take the "Time Square photograph." But I figured a picture of me by the red chairs would suffice.

I didn't actually intend to land myself on/in Time Square. It was a stumblin' find.

At this point, I had spoken more Spanish than English.

What you see there is all I have. A small pack, a duffel (with my clothes), and the green bag is just food stuffs.

I had just had a nearly-sleepless night on an 11-hour long bus ride from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Folks seem friendly -- 'cept the automobile drivers.

Folding shopping carts are in.

Absorbing it all.

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