Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jetlag.... Still Winning

Jet-lag is still winning. I think I ought to go to bed now. I hope I actually fall asleep this time.

I think my brain has shut off as I try to articulate ideas.

Perhaps I wanted to write about how Moscow is like what New York would be like if it weren't on a island. I think I like that about New York, since it can't go out it goes up. Much of Moscow's skyline is apartments rising up with magnificent importance.

As it adjusts, my stomach has been aching for a few hours, now. Perhaps I'm tired? (hmm....) Perhaps it's the water? Perhaps I should have washed that carrot off before eating it...

We'll see how life is in the morning.
Well, life will be good - it just might be the good life with a headache accompanying it. Such things are possible.

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