Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recalibrating for the Time Difference

12:28 AM
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 (EDT)
Time in New York, NY

"I hardcore don't want to have sex."

In 14 hours, I will be boarding the plane for Moscow, Russia.
That's pretty soon.

It's midnight and I won't be going to sleep tonight, really, 'cept maybe a small nap.

Why? I have decided to switch over to Moscow-time a bit early. They're 7 hours ahead of New York. That means that is would be time to wake in Moscow if I were there right now.


It might be a long night.
This might be a horrible idea.
But I'm planning on just crashing the moment I get on that plane -- that will be the same as going to bed at 9 PM in Moscow. When the plane arrives, 7 AM, ideally I will be semi-refreshed. Hopefully...

This is what I just watched and am listening to on repeat:

  Boney M.'s Christmas Video... shot in Russia.

Today was really swell.

Highlights included...

Breakfast was eggs, hummus, and greens in a whole wheat pita.

Lunch was on the roof of the New York Google campus with my current host (and, conveniently a friend as well), Derek. You don't take pictures at Google... 'cept on their roof.

I walked about.
And wandered.

In the travel section of Barnes and Noble, I enjoyed sharing time with Seth in the travel section. He already had a Moscow book in his hands when I arrived. He's gotten around

I walked.
Union Square.

It was here that I got to see Kristen and Lad. I hadn't seen her in 5 years -- since when we were both in Switzerland together as exchange students. We were both at the same language school in Luzern in the August of 2007. Lad is a treasure from London-across-the-lake.

Just a block from Union Square, there sitting on a post was this sir that I met on a roof in Seattle back in 2010/2011 (New Years). I did not expect to see him there at all.

Aaron was one of two men who inquired on going to Russia with me. I declined the offer. I hope he's thriving in New York. He hugs like a Seattleite.

Kristen, Lad, and I ran about New York.
I made them do bigggg giant loops because I like walking. It wasn't until the final turn that I think they noticed the loop -- but they probably caught on pretty early. Maybe.
Always end up where you need to be and see what you might not of.

It's about 2 AM and I'm still awake.
I want to sleep.

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