Sunday, April 14, 2013

Resting While Traveling

7-8 hours.
That's what I need each night.

One of the constants in my life as I travel about is to make sure that I can the adequate sleep each night. With enough sleep, my emotions can stay in balance. With enough sleep, I can make rational, safe decisions.

Sleep is the one ritual I have to hold on to.
Wash face.
Curl up in bed.

I guess that's why, most of these nights in New York, I've headed to bed pretty early each night. I don't go to sleep right away (blogging is the number one 'cause of a late night, for me -- that or dancing) but I am in a state of rest.

Sometimes, it's easy to think, "I should go out," or "I ought to stay out," because I only have such limited time here - but there's nothing sustainable about that. With an attitude like that, I would only last a week.

I have to practice sustainable living habits while travelling to keep myself balanced.

Some days are simply resting days or days where I don't go out and do anything. That's what today will probably be, for me. I might go grab a juice from the juice bar down the road, the Owl Juice Pub, and take a stroll to the local cemetery.

I need to have days where I don't feel like I need to do anything.
I need days where I can write for hours without guilt.
I need days where, just like if I was at home, I can stare at the ceiling for an hour and let my mind wander without the influence of the subway or sights.

And this is how I can travel for over 3 months at a time. That's how long it's been since I lived somewhere - 3 months.

For the past three months (89 days), I've changed beds/locations, on average, every 1.8 nights. That's over 50 nights where I go to bed some place where I wasn't the night before.

Without structure or plans, sleep and the weekly Sabbath, the day of rest, are what allow me to function.

Maybe I'll learn some Russian, today.

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