Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Ride the Rocket" in Toronto

First thing I did when I got to Toronto was something called, "Riding the Rocket."

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the transfers...


Whaaa? Did they just call their subway a "Rocket?"

I was hooked.

They have these machines where you get to actually print out your own transfers. That meant that I could print out as many as I liked and collect them around the Rocket stations.

Check out the first picture I posted in this blog. See how packed the Rocket is? That gets me giddy. That was a highlight of my trip. I love seeing packed public transportation. It means people are using it. I heard that at any given time, there are the same number of people, in Toronto, under ground as there are above ground.

It was a pretty easy system to understand and pick up. Since I was never navigating on my own, I didn't have much experience routing my own trips with it, but they did give me a chance or two of getting us to where we needed to be.

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