Sunday, April 14, 2013

the Reconnections

The predominant mission for this trip has been to reconnect with folks that I haven't seen in a while.

This is what is driving my trips and my schedule for each day. Seeing people like Tamrin, Joy, Peter, Derek, and Cheryl come before Central Park and the Empire State Building, in my book.

I have to admit, I'm not huge on "seeing the sites." There are some I certainly enjoy, and I'm grateful when someone takes me to see them, but I don't have a huge drive to accomplish it on my own. See, having an agenda of expectations (in addition to my agenda of reconnection) only adds stress into my life, something I've consciously nearly eradicated. When I get some place, I don't expect to do much. I live a similar routine of walks, writing, and watching.

Back to reconnections.

I've been reconnecting with au pairs I met in Switzerland, old elementary school friends, and even the wonderful women I met at the pool in Haines, Alaska.

In going into each meeting, my mind sort of twirls through the same thoughts:

- Will I recognize them still (so far, always have)?
- What are they currently passionate or excited about?
- Do I need more than 57 minutes with them?

I've been pretty tickled at what I've discovered on this trip. Man, these folks are.. are... they're doing, um, things! They've accomplished much! Humans I didn't know if I'd have much to cover with have been the most beautiful discoveries.

That's what it feels like. Each human is like a rediscovery of inspiration and encouragement.

It's been such an encouragement to get affirmation from these folks on the path I'm on.

With some folks, an hour or so has been plenty. With others, there has been plenty to talk about. Yesterday, a walk that we both thought would be 30-minutes long extended to around 5 hours.

I've grown in gleaning from their experiences and exploring what other possibilities this world holds. Somehow they got from the West coast or Alaska or Switzerland to the East coast, foreign territory for me. How did they create their life here? Why? They are dancers, artists, students, engineers, programmers, data specialists, on-the-way-to-being a neurologist (or there already?), counsellors, teachers, and a few more students.

They've also made mighty fine tour guides.

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