Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Old House & Vologda Milk

Olga, Nikita, and Vova took me out to this rad museum/exhibition of old Russian homes from different areas.

I think the highlight, for a lot of us, though, was the playground toys. They were awesome!

I also enjoyed, though, visiting the houses. The people back then were shorter.

The houses themselves were pretty amazing.

At one museum, they let me try some of the Vologda butter. Vologda is known for their dairy products. I thought, at first, that it would just be like all other butters -- but they were right! It really taste different, sort of like caramel.

Later, Olga took me to the store where I got kefir and this other delicious something (later it was identified as being sort of a sweetened-block-of-cottage-cheese). Once again, I wasn't expecting a huge difference in taste, but they were wonderful, rich, and sweet. Guess it's in the grass? And, the cost for the cheese and the kefir? Around the same as $1.

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