Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tschao East Coast

Here's a photograph that looks awkwardly posed. I just so happen to like wearing my backpack on the front. If I ever get married, that photograph would be in the slideshow. Joy took it. It's called, "Blending In At the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens."

A few hours later and it's now morning in New York and I have not slept yet. I was ever so productive last night. I, um, well, I listened to this band I really liked back in 2005 when I was 15 years old. Turns out they're still around and turns out I still know all their lyrics.

"She will always be my sunkissed trampoline
she goes up and down in my heart
turned into jelly beans
and I'm starting to believe that dangers never near
when Joanna is here."

That's from a song called "Little Joanna" by McFly, a pure-pop band from Britain. Pure-poppyness. They're great. It came out on their 2006 album Motion in the Ocean. I remember pre-ordering that. I would've still been 15.

I did a YouTube search and, good golly, turns out there's a 2012 version (just 6 years later) of Tom Fletcher (one of the two lead singers) singing it while playing his pink ukulele.

Is this what happens when I blog sleep deprived? This was supposed to be a blog about leaving the East Coast.

Well, East Coast, thanks for having me for the past month. It was a different taste from Seattle (West Coast = Chill) but still a flavour I could appreciate and find myself still curious about.

I've moved up a bag size from the small duffel to something a bit larger. The reason is because I wanted to add one more outfit and also get some wheels. I always thought that wheels on bags/backpacks were dumb - but then my back started being funky after long strolls with all my gear. With my knee out of whack and weak ankles, I figure adding extra weight isn't the best idea, yet.

My bag has a map of the USSR on it. A Russian man sold it to me.

I'm ready.


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