Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 2: Collisions and Connections [MA, NH, ME, CT]

People I reconnected with in during the “Boston Week” of March 25 – April 1, 2013.

Kelsey is in Needham.
I met her in high school.
She is studying at Franklin W. Olin University/College of Engineering.

Brandon is in Cambridge.
I met him dancing on te third floor of his house in 2010.
He is a student at MIT Media Lab.

Charlotte is in Cambridge.
She was an exchange student to my high school from China and my neighbour.
She is a student at Harvard.

Daniel is from Oregon.
I first met him on the train to Chicago.
We met up in Portland, Maine.
He is traveling around with Amtrak.

Hannah is from Nottingham, New Hampshire.
I met her when she was an inkeeper in Haines, Alaska.
She works with a test scoring company, I believe.

Nora was in Newton for the week.
I met her this year after a dance at Om Fusion.
She is a student at Oberlin in Ohio.

Rachael is in Sommerville.
I met her in high school.
She is a student at Tufts.

Andrew is in Boston.
I met him in a warehouse in Portland, Oregon.
He is awesome.

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