Friday, April 5, 2013

Your Day Was Not the Worst

This is one of my new favourite little men. He has nothing to do with "worst days ever."He's been making my days in Toronto pretty rad.

No, you did not just have the “worst day ever.”

Facebook just lets me realize how ignorant and grateful we are.

When I read about the problems that my communities are going through (long waits for food, slept in, late bus), I want to punch their faces open. When someone alludes to "'F' my life" in connection to something so simple as themselves forgetting their coat and it's raining, I want slam my own face against a wall.

I know this is obvious.

But, yo, we got food and shelter.
We don't have anything immense to fear.

If you're going to complain about the petty "littles", just do it in your head or maybe with a close friend -- but don't publicize it on the internet.

Save your "worst day ever" and "fml" for when things really matter. Save them for life threatening diseases, mental illnesses, extreme poverty, abuse, war, and moments of feeling utter hopelessness - not for when your phone breaks.

My worries are bearable.

I'm cuttin' this short... you all know you're ridiculous.
I know I can be a fool.
If you see me bein' one, please, call me out on it.

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